Stretch Marks Itch!

  • I'm 39 weeks, and have major stretch marks that are itching like crazy. I've tried lotions and even anit itch creams and nothing seems to work. Need help to smooth and clam myself. Any ideas??

  • There's nothing you can really do about that. But what I've found to help me when my stomach is insane itchy, I'll take a warm shower and use a lufaa (I don't know how you spell it) with a thick creamy body wash. It'd help me ease the itch a little bit, and when I got out I'd put baby oil on my stomach and it seems to help me.

  • I used Belly Balm from Motherhood and it helped with itching. I wish it would have helped with stretch marks too. :)

  • My itching started to get worse toward the end too.  I don't really have any suggestions, but at least you don't have much longer!  Mine itched for a day or two after the baby was born.  Now if they do itch, it's not as bad as the steri-strips that are covering my c-section incision.  I can't wait to get those off!