Using a Doula

  • I’ve had an epidural with my first two kids and my husband and I are thinking of having a third. If we do, I’d really like to give natural childbirth a try. I’ve heard that having a doula to talk you through some of the tough parts of labor and support you can be really helpful. Any thoughts?  ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • In my experience as a nurse I've seen families with Doula's do beautifully.  One of my good friends in nursing school was a doula.  I think it's extra awesome support-and who would turn down extra support?!


  • Exactly! I figure at the very least I'd have additional support and encouragement with me! Part of me loves the time with just me and my husband though as we get ready to meet our new baby. I feel like having someone else at bedside would sort of invade that intimate time. Hopefully someone out there has a good experience to share! 

  • I think the key is finding a Doula that follows your philosophy and feels like a good match for your family.  You also can remember that they do this all the time, so I' sure they are very sensitive to letting you and your husband have some alone time as well as involving dad in a supportive role.  How do you find a doula anyway?