Pregnant again??

  • I just had my first child in April. Since I've had my 6 week check up and my husband and I started to have sex again.. So no biggy right? Well.. I had my period last month and I'm running 5 days late right now. I wouldn't think anything about it but I just found out that the condems we were using are expired. Over a year expired! So now I'm worried. What do you think the odds are?? Is your period normally off schedule after having a baby for awhile?? Some help please.

  • i dont know if im any help but usually your periods are off a few mths after having a baby but i have also heard rt after having a baby your really fertile and can easly get pregnant again. As you know, the best way to find out is by going to the dr.

  • I don't want to worry you any more, but I am one of those people that managed to get pregnant while using condoms.  As far as your cycle goes, it could be off for awhile.  Mine went back to normal pretty quickly after having my daughter.  I just had my 2nd (the condom mishap baby, lol) 3 weeks ago, so I can't guess what will happen with my cycle this time.  I just know that I won't be having sex again until I have a different method of birth control.  I love my new baby, but I know I'm not ready for another anytime soon!  Good luck, I hope that everything turns out well for you!

  • It is not uncommon for your body to take several months to get back into the swing of things after you have a baby. Hormones need a while to calm down and you can spot and/or have crazy periods for a while. That being said, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a pregnancy. Crazier things have happened. I would wait a little bit and see if your period arrives, but if it is really freaking you out, buy a home pregnancy test just to be sure. Good Luck and congratulations on your new baby.

  • So how are things now?

  • I had my son February last year, had sex before that six week recommended time. After I stopped breastfeeding at three months when I went back to work, I started to question why have'nt I started my perio. I rationalize because I probablt still had breatmil, and it was slowing down. Come to find out, my son was four months pregnant and I was three weeks pregant! I did hear you are very fertil after your birth, but who would of thought, we did'nt take that statement true. And now my husband and I have a 16mth boy and a five month girl, we are truly blessed, but that's it. I just got my period after TWO YEARS.......

  • I meant to say, I was four months pregnant with my son, not him, lol. And the funny thing is they were born exactly one year and one day apart. February 11,2008 & February 12,2009, haha !

  • Thank you all for the advice. I went to my OB, she did a sono and she told me I should start anyday. After 4 days I finally started. What a great relief! To make things less stressful I am taking Yaz. Things are wonderful! Enjoying life with my hubby and son. Thank you all again!!  Big Smile

  • It can take a while before you are back on schedule, so I would wait and see. Your hormones may not be back to normal yet.

  • Hi maliyahmom. I found your post and was supprised to see someone who has been where I'm about to be in a matter of weeks. I'm 33 weeks pregnant with my son. Just had my daughter August 25, 2009. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice and possibly some peice of mind. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and they told me my baby boy was small. So they plan on doing another ultrasound in 2 more weeks ( a month apart). You said your pregnancies were high risk...but you have 2 healthy kids now. What helped you get through the pregnancies? My mind keeps getting the better of me. And now my husbands starting to worry too. I know you're probably busy with your kids but if you have time I would really appreciate some advice from someone who's been there. Thanks! And congradulations on the kids! I'm sure it's nice having them both there with you.

  • I forgot about my Similac page, I dont' have a problem converstaing with you. Funny thing is I was looking back at my responses and I wrote that my daughter was my  last baby. Surprisingly I am 35 weeks pregnant and getting ready to deliver the 3RD on August 16th !!!!! So experience is one thing I do have !

    With this baby, I was not gaining as much weight and they said her abdomen had strunk. I did not panick, but naturally got worried. My physician was not as worried. What helped me was drinking Ensure drinks, and boy do I love them. It helped me gain 15 lbs and baby is doing well.

    What helps me get thorugh is having faith in God and beleiving everything will be well. Praying and really claiming your baby will be well is what you should do. I did'nt tell you I had a stillborn, and God has blessed me with three healthy babies after.... The difference is you claim victory over your life and you don't give in to fear. Tell yourself and baby everyday that he will get better. Don't second doubt that at all, and let your husband beleive that also. As long as you are strong he will be.

    Congratulations, and God be with your family...........

  • Sounds like my story, expect I wasn't using condoms, but I was on birth control, I got pregnant AGAIN 5 to 6 months after having my first baby (which was last year in July)... I also have heard about being very fertile after giving birth, and my period was off after i gave birth to my baby... I got mine only once, on halloween!! and after that NOTHING! So, im 8 months pregnant right now... YES! Go check with your doctor for the best answer!!! Good luck! =]

  • Thanks Ladies. I'm trying to relax more and let things be. There are some things I'm trying to make sure are taken care of before I deliver. I did go and get some ensures it might help. Just wonder how my body will enjoy the double dose of vitamins :). I'm trusting in God that everything will be ok. But i still get down sometimes... expecially after my doctor appointments or when people dont even realize I'm pregnant again... they just notice I have my daughter (probably think i havent lost the weight from having her).
    I was the same i was on birth control when i got pregnant this time. We were trying to plan out how far apart the kids were (my husband is 10 years older than 2 of his brothers and we both think that the kids would enjoy being raised together. Just didnt think that they would be this close). I dont even remember how many times i had my period before i didnt have it again. I guess my mom got pregnant with me while being on birth control too so guess it's not too effective for my family. Though i went three years without protection at all before i got pregnant the first time. Right now i'm 33 weeks along. Think the doc's not too sure if I'll be making it to my due date. I'm hoping to make it to 37 weeks. It would really make me feel better. But all the could be's do scare me. Hope the kids dont share a birthday :)
    Well my doctor says my weight gain is good and he's not worried but with such a low percentile and my belly not measuring any bigger after two weeks I do get nervous. Kinda saw some concern in my doctors face this last time when he measured. My husband and i have decided that we're happy having the two kids. I've got scoliosis and the pregnancies aren't making my back feel any better. So I'm looking for more effective birth control. I found an IUD that doesn't have hormones in it (i dont do well with them) and is effective for 10 years (which would be good because then the kids would be in school and i could go get my tubes tied without having to run around after toddlers while i recover). But my other idea was to have my tubes tied at the hospital after i deliver (hoping to have a vaginal delivery again- i'm scared to have a c-section). but my doc told me he wouldnt do it while i was there unless i wound up in a c-section. So either way I have to wait 6 weeks after delivery to have one done. I'm trying to choose which would be best for me. I know that if I get my tubes tied that I wont be able to lift much of anything or do anything for that matter. My daughter wont be too happy about that. But then i wouldnt have to go back in again for anything. But if I get the IUD i could wait till the kids are older before i have my tubes tied so that they're not so dependent on me. Any suggestions on what any of you would do?
    ok i wrote a novel. I'm sorry just trying to get some thoughts out and get someone elses advice. Thanks again ladies for your encouragement!