Sleeping before baby

  • “Sleep now while you still can!” This is something people really like to say to expectant moms. The problem is, between thoughts of a new baby, frequent trips to the bathroom, and numerous pregnancy discomforts, sleep can be hard to come by. The thing that helped me most was pillows, lots and lots of pillows. It also helped if I could score a massage before bed (hint, hint Dads!). What have you found that helps you sleep?

  • i had to be on my left side with a pillow on my chest and raped under my lower back and one between my knees. i have a curved spine so the suport under my lower back helped a lot and between my knees seamed to take even more pressure off my back. i got so use to it i still have to sleep with a pillow,

  • Me too. I love to sleep on my tummy, but it's a bad position for my back and impossible while pregnant. So I got used to sleeping on my side with one of those mommy pillows that's shaped like a comma. It helped support my belly when I was pregnant and still works great. Now what I do is have one pillow under my head, the mommy pillow on my side (with cat curled up on it every night) and my husband on the other side of me, so when I turn over, I have the same support as the pillows, only in a warmer, cudlier package.

  • I know that I'm not supposed to sleep on my back, but it seems that I wake up in that position repeatedly through the night and in the morning.  My husband will wake me and/or just roll me over when he finds me on my back, but is there something else I can do?  Someone suggested wearing a pillow strapped around my lower back, but it feels so weird that I can't sleep.  I've also started to get severe lower back pain which I'm assuming comes from poor support when I sleep.  Can anyone help?

  • LeslieAnn, I don't know how comfortable you are sleeping close to someone right now but why not have your hubby sleep cuddling you? That way you have support and you literally can't roll on to you back. If it is too hot being that close, you can try a lighter blanket or using a tower fan to help, otherwise beyond body pillows I'm not sure what other options are out there... anyone else?

  • I honestly still sleep on my stomach, when I do I have my leg bent up and usually am laying on half of my stomach its hard to explain.  When I sleep on my side I have a standard body pillow that I put under my belly to support it and wrapped back up under my head.  Also a key point....I have to be nice and toasty I can't seem to get warm with this pregnancy for some reason.