Morning sickness

  • I cruised through my first pregnancy with barely a wave of nausea, so of course I thought I was home free the second time around. Wrong! I spent the first 20 weeks throwing up while my two year old held my hair back. Who came up with the term “morning” sickness anyway? The worst thing about it was that it wasn’t at all limited to morning time. I even threw up while sitting at a traffic light! Have you had morning sickness? Have you found anything that helps?

  • I had some morning sickness with both of my pregnancies and both times my doctor said that they could prescribe something to relieve it.  I turned it down because by the time it was offered I felt I could cope with it until it went away.  You may want to ask your doctor if they know anything about this.

  • Ugh! Morning sickness! I had it bad with both of my babies. Believe it or not, those SeaBands that you can get at the drug store for motion sickness gave me some relief. They're cloth elastics that go around your wrist and provide pressure at a specific nerve that's suppose to make you not feel nauseous. Not a perfect solution, but it did help. Also, I found that avoiding smells that I knew would trigger a reaction (any kind of strong smell, really) and making sure that I ate regularly also helped. My first trimester, I went was also constantly sucking on hard candy. That helped, too.

  • oh yeah i had morning sickness the first five month. it was terrible... sometimes i even threw up clear liquid cuase i had nothing in my stomach. something that really helped me was i would go to any market and buy frozen strawberries. it was a great cold snack and tasty too.

  • I'll be honest... didn't realize "morning" sickness wasn't limited too mornings until after my wife's pregnancy Embarrassed. I'm much better informed now! She learned to avoid the things that would upset her stomach (like foods and smells), and the doctor gave her some medicine but it made her worse instead (so much for that option). Hopefully the next time will be more like your first BabyNurse3 Wink.

  • My husband and I didn't even find out we were pregnant until I was 11 weeks along, so I got off scott free!  However, I've been told that Ginger is a great natural cure and there are ginger candies ad GMCs and other health food stores that are supposed to taste good and take away the nausea.

  • I agree with LeslieAnn about the candied ginger.  I've never used it, but I was looking up relief for other pregnancy symptoms and came across the note about ginger for morning sickness.  It also says to talk to your doctor about a B vitamin supplement.

  • the vitamin b supplement is only in some circumstances.  With my first pregnancy I was sick throughout it and couldn't keep anything down, it was dreadful.  My second was very typical sick 1st trimester and fine the rest.  This pregnancy has been hell on wheels!  Other than being a boxing ring for my little champion inside, I don't feel pregnant at all at 30 weeks.  I have however been every other kind of sick and on various medications for various illnesses for most of my pregnancy and even went as far as a hospital trip for 3 days.  I started "morning sickness" at 6 months!?!? Who DOES that?!? I just can't wait til this one is over!