Gestational Diabetes

  • I have recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was wondering how many people who have had this have been delivered early?  I am only concerned because this is my second child and I didn't go through this with the first one; but I know it is best for baby to go full term and am concerned about have to deliver early.

  • As a NICU nurse, I can tell you that not all gestational diabetic mothers deliver early. In fact, many of them go on to have healthy and full term babies. The key is early detection and control. Good prenatal care and follow ups with your OBGYN should give you the best chance at maintaining your sugar levels and keeping your baby healthy. There are many ways that you can control your sugar levels with diet and medications and your doctor will be certainly monitoring you closely. If you have questions or you are just unsure of how things are going, don't be afraid to bring these up with your OBGYN or prenatal nurse practitioner. They will be able to answer very specific questions for you based on your test results and the status of you and your baby.



  • I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child and he was 40 weeks and 3 days. I was induced to have him, he just wasn't ready to come out.  He was normal weight and healthy.  No complications.  I am also pregnant with my second child at 19 weeks and was tested early for gestational diabetes and i now have again.  Try not to worry about it there are lot of things you can do to control it, good luck.

  • I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I had to the the insulin and everything. I had a health baby girl at 39 wks 1 day. I was scheduled to get induced the same week, but she came early. Your considered full term at 37 weeks, so I wouldn't worry about delivering early. Just make sure your doing everything to keep the diabetes under contraol and you should be fine.

  • I was reading your post and saw that you have g.b. for the second time round. I was wondering if you list some food ideas as to what you eat? I am 27 weeks along and was diagnosed yesterday, this is my first to ever experience this, with my others I did not. To me it's hard and frustrating because I am so used to eating pretty much whatever I wanted, but now all that has to change. Thanks!

  • I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both pregnancies. My daughter was born premature at 35 weeks and weighed 5lbs 2 ozs. She was born via c-section owing to very low amniotic fluid levels. She was born with apnea and reflux, though I am not sure if that is more because she was preemie or because of the gestational diabetes. While she did have to spend a week in the NICU and come home on a heart and respiration monitor, she was off that within a few months, instead of the predicted year. Also, she is now nearly 3 years old, and a little moose :). She is a big girl for her age and very healthy. You would never have thought she was a preemie baby looking at her today.

    Because of the previous diagnosis, I was tested for gestational diabetes again with this current pregnancy earlier, since it is common in subsequent pregnancies if occurring in a first. I think that earlier detection made all the difference. I am 39 1/2 weeks pregnant, and there have been no complications during this pregnancy.

    So don't worry. It is not a guarantee you will have a preemie baby just because of gestational diabetes. :)