• my daughter is two months old and i have not started my period yet. is that normal? should i call the dr? Sad


  • If you're really concerned about this, it couldn't hurt to give your OB/GYN a call and ask. I think that because the time it takes for hormones to normalize out differs from woman to woman, what you're experiencing is probably normal. Have you gotten the okay to have sex again yet?

  • I'm not to sure, My baby is 9 mths and i've had 4 big bad  periods & pap-test, then  nothing 4 4 mths. made an apt. and started 2 days before time to see the dr. I think our bodys are carzy and out of wack after children.

  •  It takes a while for your body to heal and the lining of your uterus to return to normal. If your breastfeeding you shouldn't have periods anyway, thats what my Dr told me when I had the same question.

  • Although I didn't ask outright (kinda felt weird to you know?) I believe it took my wife a little while to start having them again as well. I would think that's normal though, your body is recovering from a lot of serious changes and needs to heal. As always though if it seems serious or you feel concerned, it never hurts to speak with your OB/GYN.

  • Are you nursing or formula feeding?

  • Hi,

    I have an almost 2 month old daughter and haven't seen my period either. I wen to my post partum checkup and my Dr. told me that if I was breastfeeding I will not see my period for now. So if you are doing the same don't worry because it's normal.

  • It varies on your body.  Definately call your doctor though you should have your post partem check up 6 weeks after birth anyway.  If you had a c-section you may have some excess tissue in the way and might have to have a d&c.  Also the breastfeeding and period isn't true with everyone.  I breastfed my second for an entire year and only breastfed him because he was picky not on my own accord and I had my period the entire time so, I know after my sections it took a while to get back into a flow, and after some women have a baby their period may be lighter.  Also if you are on any medications, IE birth control, that could also effect it as it did with me.  First and foremost talk to your doctor if you haven't gotten it yet.