Bleeding Gums

  • I know that bleeding gums during pregnancy is normal to a certain extent, but when should I be worried?  I've had 3 pregnancies and they all started out with a little bleeding when I brush.  I'm 15 weeks now and it's gradually gotten heavier.  When I'm brushing and spit it's all red, it turns my toothbrush red, and sometimes they bleed as I sleep if I brush right before bed.  Is this still normal or should I be worried about some type of gum disease?

  • When you're pregnant is a great time to see the dentist because the toll pregnancy takes on your body affects your mouth a lot more than you think. I'd try to schedule and appointment with my dentist for a cleaning/check-up and then ask him what he thinks about your gums.

  • I've had some friends whose gums bled heavily. I know that What to Expect calls it the "pink toothbrush". I agree with writemommy that you should be sure to schedule a dental appointment. If you start to notice other symptoms like bruising easily, bring it to your OB's attention immediately.

  • Make a dentist appt right asap....yes pregnancy effects your body and there are links to the way your mouth appears is kindof a mirror of your body but if its getting heavier that sounds more like it could be possibly gum disease.  There are only so many procedures that a dentist can do because you are pregnant, but I'm sure you'd rather go now and get it under control and find out exactly whats going on than find out later and possibly harm your baby.