Cervical Failure

  • Hello!  I've been reading through here and doing some research and I found a section of a book about women at risk of cervical failure.  It's very rare but women who have had surgery on the cervix are more at risk, and I was wondering if anyone has heard of or knows of this?  I had cervical cancer and was treated through a cone surgery a couple years ago, but my OB/GYN (same woman who performed the surgery) hasn't said anything about it and I forgot to ask at our last appointment.  Any help?

  • I know a little about this. I believe this is when the cervix cannot stay closed throughout the whole pregnancy. I also believe that suturing it closed is one method of treatment. I think the What to Expect book covers some information on this, but considering you have a history of issues with your cervix, I would definitely put in a call to your OB and ask. She'd be the best source.

  • I have a friend who had this. Unfortunately, she had to have 3 miscarriages before it was realized. She then had a cerclage (a device that holds the cervix closed) and now has a healthy newborn. This is definitely a concern to bring up to your OB. He/she will have worked with women in your situation and better know your odds and situation.

  • Call and ask before you forget I constantly have questions that I forget to ask at visits and pay for it later.  But yes a cerclage is what they'll put on if you show signs of dialating (when the cervix begins to open) You're dr will most likely do an internal check to see if there are signs but if there aren't I wouldn't worry about it.

  • its called an incompetent cervix. I have it and i had to have a cerclage put in, its a short outpatient surgery and yes i am very lucky because this is mt first pregnancy and they noticed it on my ultrasound. everyone has told me that usually women have a few miscarriages before they found out.  Im due in september and ive been on bedrest since i had the cerclage because i was still having problems with my cervix.just ask about it and ask about having a short cervix and the dr may send you to a specialist which is what i had to see.