• I am new to this group and was looking for others that might be feeling the same way or has gone through the same and could give some words of encouragement.

    This is my third child however I am in a different relationship and have a step son as well. Needless to say the emotions are running a little high these days and I just want to cry and here lately it has been often.

    I think more than anything I would like to be able to keep in touch with others that I could just talk to that at this time are going through the same.

    19weeks and due March 2010.


  • Reaching out to others is a great first step. If you can't get the support you need on websites like this one, you should seek further help through a support group of other moms in your area, or professional help. It is perfectly normal to have emotional ups and downs but you don't have to experience it alone. Keep lines of communication open to people who can help you.

  • Emotions throughout pregnancy are certainly anything but predicatable, but I agree with AnswerDad that you should let your OBGYN know if you are feeling really down and depressed. There may be something she can do to help alleviate these feelings.

    If you can, try and pin point exactly what is upsetting you. Are you scared to have another child? Worried you might be in over you head? All of these feelings are perfectly normal and there are plenty of support sites (Like this one) that can help talk you through some of these feelings. Share your feelings with your partner and with your other family members (mom, sisters etc). Surround yourself with people who can help take some of the anxiety and pressure away.

    Also, do some things just for yourself...get a massage, get a pedicure or a facial or go out to lunch with some friends and really try to relax. Sometimes when we can take a step backwards, things don't seem so overwhelming. Hope this helps

  • Hi, I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I am only seven weeks pregnant and I am pretty moody to. I have good days and bad days. I am normally a sensitive person but it had doubled since I have been pregnant. Commercials and even movies can make me feel weepy. Sometimes I cry and have no idea why. Poor husband. But you are more then welcome to talk to me whenever you need to.

  • im new to this too and im also new to this whole preganacy thing, this is my first child and im 23wks...but over the past couple of weeks i have been the biggest cry baby every it all begin when my dr called me and told me that they found a calcium deposit around my babies heart, thats enough rite there to make any new mother scared to DEATH as i was and once i found out everything was fine i still cant seem to control my feelings!!!! ive come to the point where im just like i cant hold it in so i jus let it all out it actually makes me feel a little better sometimes!!! hang in there you will be fine!!!!!

  • I am also new to this group. This is my first baby and she is three weeks old. I have been feeling run down and depressed as well. We are not in the same situation but I understand how emotionally draining all of this can be. I also joined this group for support. Talking can be wonderful with people who are going through the same situation or similar.