OMG! I’m Pregnant!

  • Have you ever had that, "OMG!" moment when the pregnancy test in your hand unexpectedly came out positive? Mine happened just over two years ago when just to show my husband there was nothing unusual going on, I took a pregnancy test. We both looked at it together. Ecstatic, he said, "Oh, wow!" since it was his first time thinking about having a baby. My response was more like, "Oh crap! Been there, done that, and not looking forward to going through all that again."

    Whether you're a first-time mom-to-be or adding a new addition to your family, learning you're having a baby that was not exactly planned can be a shock to the system. Not being entirely sure of your feelings at the outset is a normal reaction, as is fear and confusion. Sounds familiar to you? How did you deal with it? How did your partner react? How did it turn out for you?

  • This requires a little background.  A couple years ago I went through treatment for cervical cancer, and have been on birth control for over seven years.  My partner is type 1 diabetic and was told at the age of 19 that he would probably never have children due to a very low sperm count.  We'd always talked about adopting children, so when a routine check-up included the option of a pregnancy test I almost said "no", but it only took five minutes, they'd already drawn blood, and the magazine article I was reading was really interesting. 

    When the lab tech called me up and said "Leslie, it's positive" my response was "Positive for what?"  I was completely clueless!  After 15 minutes of making ABSOLUTELY SURE that there was no way it could be wrong, someone else's test, and NOT a false positive they sent me home with some information to read. 

    We knew we'd always wanted children, but we weren't ready for one.  I couldn't decide how to tell "Daddy" so I was going to give myself some time to think.  Unfortunately he went digging through some paperwork looking for an old paycheck when he spotted the packets of information from my Doctor's office.  When came into the room and saw him holding the packets I was scared, because I didn't know how he'd react.  Thank God he was absolutely estatic!  The relief I felt knowing that he was happy was overwhelming, and now we're both excitedly planning for our little miracle to arrive in May!

  • That's such a great story! Isn't it funny how that even though the doctors tell you that you're likely not able to have children, it sometimes happens suddenly? My story was somewhat simmilar. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and my husband has a low sperm count, low motility and low morphology. That basically means that he doesn't have a lot and what he does have is not formed or moves properly. Though I'd been on meds for a year to get my condition under control, there was nothing we could do about his issues. That's partially why it was such a shock.

    The other reason why it was not the best news was that we'd both started new jobs recently and were fairly sure that my husband had lymphoma Long story short, it was a very rough year, but we made it through and we have a gorgeous and vivacious little girl now. I was not happy to be pregnant again, especially under the circumstances, but I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything.

    Congratulations on your own little miracle!

  • I to have a Miracle story. I have PCOS as well, and was told I couldn't get pregnant without my Dr.'s help ( be it medicine or procedures). My Husband has low- testerone and found out to have hypogonadism. They told him that it shouldn't be possible to have children. The medicine they give for PCOS is estrogen, which I can not take due to a blood clot I had in the past when I broke my knee. We now have a 23 month old girl and are expecting # 2 in July. This just goes to show Dr.s don't have the final say.   Big Smile

  • It's always so great to hear stories like yours. PCOS is a condition that affects so many women, a good number of whom have no idea that they even have it. And once you get pregnant, your chances of miscarriage are high, simply because you're not producing the right amount of hormones. So when you hear about women like you who have had healthy babies, it gives us all hope.