20 and Preg

  • I have been watching kids for most of my life. I love babies, but im scared out of my mind about becoming a mom. Watching other peoples kids is easy cause at the end of the day you give them back to the parents. But taking care of another human 24/7?!?!?!!?!?!!??? And im gonna be doing it almost all alone. My husband is going over the road in January and will only be back for 2 weeks after our lil boy is born. Huh?



    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • You will naturally adjust. Especially with all of your experience with babies and kids.  Even though my husband was here I still ended up (and still) do most of the work. Now he isn't here much because he is so busy with work and school. I try to use other resources like my friends and parents to help me out. They are my biggest help.

  • First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. While it is true that becoming a mom is  full time job, it is by far the most rewarding and fun job you will ever have. I used to be a nanny and watch children as well, but when it is your own child....it is amazing how easy it is to be there 24/7. There will be times when you feel overwhelmed and perhaps burned out, but overall...you will both grow together.

    Try to surround yourself with a good support system that you can count on when you get a bad day or when you are overwhelmed. Friends, family and stay at home mommy groups are some great resources. There are also day cares that you can bring your son to a few days a week to get a break and run errunds.

  • Thank you guys.

    And i know that family is always there to help me but i dont want to be a berdon. Cause my lil sister already has a lil girl and is preg agan and she over uses what we all offer her as far as help goes....


    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Being nervous is completely normal! You are young, but that does not mean you won't be an excellent mother. Taking care of other people's children is experience, but once you have your own, you will share a bond with your baby that is unlike any other. You will adjust very quickly and playing the mommy role will become second nature. Are you working or attending school? When is your baby due? Congrats again!!
  • Sometimes being a parent is so worrisome, but that's what moms do! Try to think positively and realize that in the history of the world so many people have had it more difficult than you and most kids come out fine. Try to find as much support as possible and embrace all that eing a parent will mean for you. You will do a great job!