my first

  • This pregnancy is a first time thing for both me and my husband, i am 37 weeks along and i am SOOOO antsy about it! I am worried that i won't know when to go to the hospital, if something is wrong, what contractions feel day i feel totally prepared, while the next it seems like i don't know whats going on anymore. I don't even know if i have everything i need after the baby or for in the hospital...

  • Congratulations on your first is completely normal to feel "unprepared" to become a mother. It is, in fact, the biggest change you will ever go through...but also the absolute best and most exciting.

    Don't worry about what the contractions feel like...when they begin, chances are, you will know. If you are unsure about what you are feeling, call your doctor....or go into the hospital and let the nurses check you out.

    Once you are in labor..your nurses and doctors will see to it that everything goes smoothly. Until then, you may want to read "What to Expect when you are Expecting"....there are alot of great pages in there about labor and delivery. If you can, you may want to take a quick lamaze class to be extra prepared.

    Once your little baby is born...they need surprisingly little to start off. Just a few essentials:

    newborn diapers, wipes, 5-7 onsie sleepers, 5-7 daytime sleepers, a few undershirts, a few pairs of baby socks or booties, a couple of pacifiers, a few burp cloths, a few bottles and some formula, and 3-4 receiving blankets to swaddle him in.

    Just remember that whatever you need after he is born, you can always go get (or have your hubby go get at Walmart!). Try to stay calm and enjoy these last few weeks with your hubby. Go out to dinner or see a movie....also, remember to pamper yourself a bit....get a pedicure or a haircut while waiting for the big day.

    Good luck and welcome to Strong Moms.