Intense Belly Itch

  • Week 33 and up to this point I have had few strech marks. I think it's because I was overweight to startwith. I've only gained 20 pounds total which my GYN says is a very good thing.

    That aside two nights ago up to right this second I have had the WORST belly itch known to man. I feel like my skin is so tight it's going to snap. I'm using cocoa butter and anti itch lotion but all for naught.


    Any suggestions? It's hard to sleep when you're spending most of your night scratching in misery. Sometimes it wakes her up too and I get a good poke for it. >_<



  • It is not uncommon to feel very itchy around your breasts and growing belly, esp. at 33 weeks pregnant. Try BioOil, Vitamin E, or Aveeno creams. There is also a cream called "Tummy Butter" that you can purchase at Babies R Us. I hear it works wonders. Giving yourself an oatmeal bath will also help alleviate the itching. Use only a mild soap when showering, as harsher soaps will dry the skin out, causing more itch. Ahh...the wonders of pregnancy. Hope I helped!

  • Pedi Nurse is right about the itching...but if your itchy belly is also accompanied with red bumps or hive like could have a rare but harmless condition known as PUPPP..or pruritic urticarial papules. Let your OBGYN know because there may be some topical creams she can prescribe to give you some relief in those last few weeks. Up to 1 percent of pregnant women will develop some form of PUPPP.



  • Thank you both. I don't have any bumps or red marks thankfully so I'm greatful it's not something more serious. It just kinda feels like I'm wearing Control Top pantyhose that are two sizes two tight along with this unbelievable itch. I will try the differant things, cocoa butter hasn't worked so far.


    Week 34 here I come. Thank you again. =)

  • Talk to your doctor, there may be something she can prescribe or recommend to help in the meantime. Luckily, you are entering the final stretch!!! Good luck...remember, it will all be unbelievably worth it!