Pregnant and scared

  • I am new to this website but I thought it might help some of my anxiety.  I am currently pregnant with my fourth child and it was very much unplanned at this time.  My husband and I wanted another one but just not this soon.  I am currently in medical school and my husband is a contractor so financially we are not doing too well at this time.  I'm just worried everything will be too much for us to handle.  We don't even have an extra room in our new house.  We had to down size in July to help save money.  Anyone with words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  Congrats to all who are expecting!


    Clarissa Clayton

  • I can relate....I just recently had my 4th child in 6 years and while we were planning on a 4th, he did come along a little sooner than expected. You will do just fine! It is amazing how easily the 4th just slides right into the family...they have no choice I guess. You may need to make a few adjustments at first, but it will be okay! Babies really do need a lot less space than we think. We moved our kids around and the first 3 are in a room together now...but they love it (Thank goodness for bunk beds!) Good luck and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • First off, Congratulations on your pregnancy. You just have to have faith that everything will work out. Things can be tough some times but you make the best of it and work with what you have.

    good luck with everything.

  • First of all, Congratulations!  I know what you are going through.  I was put on early bedrest with unpaid maternity leave and my husband was laid off.  The financial stress of having a baby with no income can be overwhelming, but try not to let it bother you.  We made it through and I am sure you will too. Always remember that this is just a phase in life and it won't last forever.