Crying all the time

  • I am 27 weeks and I am finding it really hard not to cry all the time.  Everytime my husband of 11 years and I argue or he gets moody, I start crying.  Heck, I start crying for no reason sometimes  This either pisses him off or makes him really upset if he had nothing to do with it.  Does anybody have any suggestions?

  • Unfortunately, its just a part of pregnancy. Your hormones are all over the place and you can't control them sometimes.  I am 31 weeks now, and still have moments when I cry for absolutely no reason.  Your husband needs to be more understanding and realize that right now you are not in total control of your emotions, and that you need him to be understanding b/c getting upset will only make matters worse. But don't worry you are not the only one going thru this :) 

  • I've found that my emotions tend to build up so sometimes I need a good cry-fest to get it all out and be able to function.  I grab my copy of Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul and a box of tissues then baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl.

  • I have no advice but can say I am in your boat. I was at the Packer Game on Sunday and had to hold back tears as the player were coming onto the field......what is that to cry about. I could understand when the field was covered in a huge American Flag but man alive I wish I could control it Too!

  • You are not the only one.  I'm 21 weeks pregnant.  I cry all the time to.  I cry when I do things on accident like the other day I stepped on my dogs paw and made her yelp and I cried over it. lol.  I especially cry when I watch the baby shows. I think it's just a part of pregnancy. Big Smile

  • Raging hormones are unfortunately a part of pregnancy and they affect everyone differently. Talk with your husband when you are not so tearful and explain this to him....this way he is less likely to take it personally when you do cry. Also, talk with your OB about your crying spells to make sure it isn't some form of depression. By keeping the lines of communication open with your husband and your doctor, you will be creating a circle of support that can help you through these emotional times!