Its a Girl!!!

  • My husband and I were expecting to find out today that we were having a boy......But  its a girl.... I am 5 months and we cant agree on a name for her... I need some help with a cute unique name for her.. please send some ideas!!! ThanksSmile

  • Congratulations!!!! Little girls are soooo much fun. We named our daughter Madeline and if we had another daughter we were considering Sophia. Try Googling a list of the top 100 girl names... you should find some winners in there. Good luck and congratulations

  • My lilttle one is not due until Jan of '10, but her name is already picked out - Xena Gabrielle. Xena means hospitable and Gabrielle means God is my strength 

  • Congrats! Google "unique baby names" and there are a few sites that can give you a list of unique names. As a nurse practitioner, I come across a lot of unique names of patients. I like Pearse, Noella, Sydney, and Adele. You can come across so many names, but you should choose one that means something to you. Congrats again!

  • Hi my daughter name is Neviah her father chose that name he originally picked the name from the word heaven but twisted it up a little differently. Maybe you will like that.

  • Our daughters are Reagan Brooke and Ryan Elizabeth... we wouldn't change a thing if we had to do it all over again!