when should you tell people you are pregnant?

  • This is my third pregnancy but this time it was a huge shock. Not planned but absolutely wanted. My husband and I just found out and haven't told anyone yet. We are both in shock and just can't bring ourselves to tell anyone yet. I am seeing a doctor and doing everything right for the baby but I just don't want to tell anyone. Is this wrong or should we tell our families?

  • You could wait until everything gets checked out. I wish Ihad that control, but I cant help but spill it!

  • When and how you choose to tell friends and family that you are expecting again is absolutely up to you! Some people rush out and tell everyone they meet, the day they find out that they are having a baby, while others wait until after the first trimester is done. Give yourself and your husband some time to adjust to the realization that you are having another baby...when the timing is right, you will have fun telling your family. Until then, don't worry....congratulations on your pregnancy! I am the mother of 4 small children under the age of 6 and I can tell you that while it is busy...it is absolutely wonderful.

     Congratulations again!

  • Tell people whenever you feel you're ready.  We didn't wait the traditional 3 months, but we did it carefully.  We told our daughter first then our parents.  Then we told siblings before finally telling our friends.  Family gets to find out first bc I know they'd be madder than hornets if they found secondhand from a friend.