c-section secheduling

  • My Dr. is using the due date of 2/27/10 (Sat.) and my ultrasound puts me at 2/25/10 (Thur).  This is my 3rd child and I am 34 yrs old.  When they called to schedule my c-section, they only offered me the date 2/22/10 (Mon).  So according to when I think I conceived (goes with ultasounds timing) my c-section will only be a few days before that.  I am worried about going into labor early and having to find someone to watch my 3 kids at the last minute.  Plus since this is my 3rd c-section, I worry about complications due to scar tissue and things.  I just don't want any on call Dr to do it. 

    I know c-section are usually done 38-39 weeks.  I think I should push to move this date up to 38 1/2 weeks.  What are your thoughts?

    My 10 yr old also has a dance competition 2/20-2/21 so I would have to be stuck there and go into labor!  Yikes. 


    4th little mokey!


  • First of all, I am pushing for 2/27/10 b/c that's my daughter's first birthday. That being said, I would think that the doctor would be able to accommodate your wishes. Have you discussed it with the Doc?