• I had a planned c-section with my daughter because she was breech and would not turn.  This time the doctor gave me an option to try VBAC or have another c-section.  I'm planning on trying VBAC, but the idea of it scares me too.  I was just wondering if anybody else has been there.  If you have can you tell me about your experience?  Any advice or insights are very much appreciated.  Thank You!

  • I've not been a VBAC myself but I see a lot of them at work (I work in surgery at my hospital and we do the c-sections for L&D).  It's not something we usually recommend at the hospital I work at but a lot of women still want to to try it. There can be some complications depending on how your uterus healed from your last section but if it's been a couple of years since then and you've only had the one section you should be o.k. They'll keep a close eye on you and your baby and you may still have to have a section. Hopefully your doctor will cover all the in's and out's  of it with you as the time to make a decision approaches.


    Good Luck!!

  • Hi,

    My oldest was a c/s and my other 3 were all successful vbacs.  Obviously it is a personal decision and one you will want to discuss with your doctor.  Based on my experience I would never section again.  After my vbacs I was awake and able to enjoy the babies.  Very little down time.  The section seemed to take forever to heal and even a year or two after I could still feel a numbness where the incision was.  This baby #5 I will be trying for another VBAC!

    Good Luck with your decision.



  • I only have one child, and my wife was fortunate enough not to require any major surgical intervention so my viewpoint is limited. However if you want to VBAC and your doctor agrees that it poses no risks to you or your baby I see no reason not to try. As with any birth you should be aware of, and prepared for, the possiblity that the delivery will not go according to plan. If you feel strongly about trying this you should discuss the options with your doctor and ask for advice about how to help improve your chances for VBAC with your next child.
  • There is a great website about VBAC. I can't post the link, but it should be at the top of the Google list (Just type in VBAC). I got tons of info from that. Many doctors and hospitals refuse to perform VBACs. The thing is, no one can make you have a c-section if you don't want to. You can read more about that on the site.

    There is a lot written about what the evidence and research has actually shown regarding safety. The primary concern is increased change of uterine rupture. As a previous poster said, if you have given your body time to heal and have the appropriate incision, then you should be okay. C-sections carry their own set of risks.

    I had a VBAC with my daughter and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I healed so much faster, breastfeeding went better, and postpartum depression wasn't a problem like before. My daughter's lungs are also a lot healthier than my sons.

  • BabyNurse3, thanks for the info.  I really appreciate it.  It did get me thinking a little more and I got a little worried because I'm not sure what type of uterine incision my old doctor did.  He's retired since my daughter was born so I had to locate the office where his records went.  They said the records are in storage and it's going to be awhile before they can send them to my doc.  They said there's no way they can even be there before my next appointment in 2 weeks.  I'm just hoping that they're able to find them soon because it would be nice to make sure that a VBAC is an option.  If it isn't I think it would be so great to have extra time to prepare mentally for a c-section.  I know I could wind up having one anyway, but if I know that I probably should, I'd rather know now.

  • The other thing to look at is how big you are.  If you have bikini cuts going across your abdomen not down from your belly button thats the kind of incision you have.  They won't mix the 2 incisions.  I unfortunately wasn't allowed to have a vbac though I wanted to because I was a big canidate for rupturing.  Not because my son was large but because I am smaller than most people and because of the bodily changes from one pregnancy to the next in 2 years made my first incision drop down so it was riskier to do a vbac than a C.  Right along with our nurses I worked in Labor and Delivery and saw too many women rushed to have C's because of complications.  More power if you can go vbac lord knows I'll be jealousBig Smile but it may just be safer in the end.

  • You cannot necessarily know from your scar what type of incision you have. You have to have the records to know for sure if you had a low transverse incision or a vertical (classic) incision. A vertical incision will not allow for a VBAC.

  • Thanks BabyNurse3.  I understand that they have to look at my records to determine the type of uterine incision.  I have requested records, but I was informed that it may take quite awhile for my new doc to get them.  Oh well, I'd rather take the chance by waiting for them then to make plans without knowing.Smile

  • Thanks for all of your insight everyone.  Like the original positing, I too had a CS with my first because she was breech.  I figured I'd wait till closer to the end (due May 22) with this one to see if it is breech or not.  If so then my decision is made for me.  If not then I have to decide.  I would LOVE to have a VBAC, but the major scare for me is going into labor and having to have an emergency CS.  I would like to not have to recover from a surgery, but then again I know what to expect going that route and while it was no walk in the park surgery, I believe I recovered pretty well.  I too still feel some tenderness and numbness around the scar still and it'll have been 2 years in June.  My doc has been doing VBAC's since the 70's and is very comfortable with it; however, 2 of the 4 docs in my practice aren't as pro VBAC as my primary doc is.  A friend of a friend who goes to the same practice just had her 2nd CS - she was too scared of the risks involved and was driving herself sick so she just scheduled the CS.  I'm getting to the point where I need to discuss it with them in more detail (I'm 26 weeks).  But all of the info/advice from above is very helpful.  Thanks Ladies (and Dads!).