5 Weeks and Counting

  • Hello everyone

    My husband and I recently found out that we're pregnant!  We are thrilled after trying for 4months (Which is not that long).

    Anyway...I just saw our first ultrasound of our baby.  At this time, we can only see the yoke.  I am very relieved that I don't have ectopic pregnancy since I've been having abdominal pains and mild bleeding - - - so so relieved (Which was the reason for the early ultrasound)!

    I would like to start this message board with those who are just starting like me, so we could compare and learn together about this beautiful experience of pregnancy!

    Date: 11/13

    Pregnancy symptoms: Sleeping ALOT, cramping, breast tenderness

    Question: I feel like I have no appetite for anything?  Do you guys have the same problem?



  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! What an exciting time. I recently had my 4th child on October 7th! It is sooooo much fun and I just love being a mom. Welcome to Strong Moms....there are a lot of great moms and great advice here! Good to see you!

  • I just found out i'm expecting...due july 19th! would love to keep in touch with others around same due date and compare pregnancies!!

  • Congratulations!!!   I just found out I'm pregnant, too.  As of right now the EDD is July 14, but that may change after my first checkup and visit on Thursday.  *keeping fingers crossed*

  • I know just what u mean. When i first found out that i was preg i was in the hospital for a migraine. HUGE suprise to find out that im pregnet. Im 6 months along now (wow it goes by so fast...) and have found that the always wanting to sleep feeling went away shortly after I entered my 2nd trimester. And the cramping is actually growing pains....

    In answer to ur question i didnt feel hungry for the first month and a half. (But my friends and family were always telling me to eat.) I think it had something to do with the fact that all i could think about was sleeping. Just remember that if u dont eat ur baby doesnt eat.

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • Hello,

    Im five weeks pregnant as well and my  due date is july 18,2009.Im so excited this is my second time around.I have an 8 year old boy also.

  • I actually don't feel pregnant....Im just exhausted all the time

  • I too, just found out that I am having a baby!!! My hustband and I are really excited.  This will be our first :).  Im doing ok on the being tired, luckly my husband has been doing all the house work so that I can go to bed early, however I have the same eating problem....I just don't want to eat!  I eat a small breakfast and a medium lunch, but around 2:00 I start to feel sick and end up skipping dinner because the smells are really bothering my stomach.  Other Side effect, increadible sense of smell!  I can smell something bad a mile away.  And some light mood swings...I really try to control this for my husbands sake.  Let me know how yours goes...it's great to be able to speak with someone else at the same point!

  • Hey! Im also 5 weeks pregnant, technically 5 and a half today, I have an appetite, but it seems like when i eat, i feel like i shouldn't have eaten. They say it gets better after the first few months! Thank goodness cause 8 more months of this, i dont think i could handle the nasty lagging feeling i have!!

  • Congrats on the pregnancy!!!  I'm actually 20 weeks along but I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks.  I didn't have problems with morning sickness or anything.  Actually I was always hungry.  I did start to get tons of pimples, which i haven't had since I was, like, 12. lol.

  • congrats ladies. Im due july 1st. this will be the fourth and last. This one was def not planned my youngest is 9months. I have a 5/boy almost 3/girl and 9mth/boy we were planning another when my son was about 2 but whoops. lol  we are thrilled. Ive been feeling pretty good, tired and kinda nauses in the am but thats about it, oh and I cant sleep at all. any advise on sleeping??? well congrats to you all again and I hope we can all become great friends while we take this journy together.

  • i'm not actually feeling very preggy either...just tired but no increase appetite or weight gain....this is my third i have a 15 year old and a 2 year old....both boys!!


  • well, went to the dr. and found out i am actually a week behind where they thought I was...so I'm at around 5 weeks.  Couldn't see much on the ultrasound other than the yolk sac, but I go back in a week and 1/2 for another ultrasound.  I don't have any nausea, unless I don't eat, which apparently was exactly how it was for my mother.  I am definitely getting the pimples, dizzy spells, and feeling really sleepy all the time.  The only other symptom as of yet are the cramps/growing pains.  I did notice that they seem to get worse when I get hot, upset (which STINKS since I'm a high school teacher!), or if I've been unable to go to the bathroom.  Gotta love first trimester body pranks!

    On a cute note, a student found out I was pregnant (still not sure how...maybe eavesdropping on the teachers at lunch), and now all my classes know.  Most of my students have become overprotective, so if any student acts up or is hateful to me, the majority of the class turns on them and suggests they sit down and be quiet and not upset me (not violently...some even have threatened to tell their parents they are being mean to a pregnant lady hahaha).  It's really sweet.

  • Hi, I am 7 weeks pregnant, my due date is July 14 and this is my second pregnancy.  I have a six year old girl who is very excited about a baby brother or sister.

    I am small so I guess that's why I am already showing a bit, and like you I have no appetite, I almost dislike eating and it is so hard to force my self to do it.  I feel like my stomach hurts so much every three hours from hunger and I am like "really? I have to eat again?"

    Anyway, good luck to you.  I also had to go to the doctors because of a bit of brown discharge and I saw my little peanut.  I had an early miscarriage a few months ago so it is still so hard to believe that everything is ok now.  But I really feel pregnant and happy, although very moody :)  Keep enjoying your pregnancy, it is a fun time, I love the attention I get.

  • Wow, I'm so glad to finally hear that someone else doesn't think food sounds good!  I just found out that I am high risk and now have to switch doctors to a specialist....not the best news but my husband and I are waiting to find out more details.  I'm still doing ok in the "too tired" department, however I have noticed that I go to bed earlier and earlier each night.  Good luck, I hope everthing turns out wonderful for your pregancy!