Excited about second child

  • I was wondering if anyone knew of a really unique way of telling family members of my new arrival? We did the send out a picture of the ultra sound the first time and was hoping to do something different this time. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks Linda

  • With my second child, I made a tshirt that said "I'm going to be a big brother...JULY 2005" and put it on my oldest son. Then we went around to visit everyone in the family! For the relatives who lived out of state, we took a picture of him in it and sent it around!

  • Did the big brother or sister shirt.  For our first I found a prego shirt that said eating for Two.  Just waited til they read it....which was right away.

  • For are first one I wrapped a video for the ultrasound and gave it to my niece and nephew for their birthday.  I wrote in the card to Emma and Ian from your Cousin.  Took a while for everyone to figure it out.  They were to young to read so my mom had to help them.  Wish I had taken pictures.  If you do not have a video you can give pictures.  Just leave a note saying you want them back.