wow showing already?

  • i am going on my 11th week with my second pregnancy and i am showing already! I've heard that it grows faster the second time around but holy cow. with my first i think my bump was about the size it is now on my fifth month! any one else experiencing this? i cant wait to find out what the gender is!!!!

  • Oh yeah! I started showing early too. Every pregnancy is different as well. You may find out that you carr this baby lower, more in your hips etc. You may gain more weight with this baby or you may not gain as much. Don't worry too much about your expanding midsection though as long as you are eating healthy and following along with your obgyn. Congratulations

  • I am pregnant with my 5th and am at 9 weeks, I have ballooned. Most of it is bloating I am sure but I have only gained 2 lbs. I started out fairly thin too.

    I think that your body just reacts faster after being pregnant once.


  • I have a 2 1/2 yr old, 10 mo old and I am 13 weeks preg.  My belly is hard and round like I was with my first at 5 mo pregnant. I haven't gained much weight at all this time around.  My belly was not tight again yet after #2 so I think my uterus just knew how to fall forward quickly! I was wondering the same thing.  Good Luck.

  • im on my 19th week and this is my second. I started showing around my second month. I'm still wearing my low rise jeans but i had to break down and get some new maternity shirts because i'm getting to be big for even some of my t-shirts. I've slowed down on the showing side of things and haven't gained much weight i actually lost 5 pounds because i was so sick and i've only gained two back. so i can safetly say it's just my body preparing for the baby. thankfully i seem to be carrying high like i did on my first .... I wore low rise jeans the entire 9 mos.

  • im having my third baby. im only 8 weeks. it seems pretty early to show. but my clothes are too tight

  • I'm 15 weeks, and some days I feel like I'm showing and other days I just feel like it's my ole' gut :( I get worried. I know this sounds kinda crazy but I want to be a little bigger.....