Nursing bras

  • Can someone tell me how to figure out what size nursing bra to purchase before the baby comes?  I am 36 weeks and can find all the information I need on how to size myself but zero information about guessing what size to purchase to at least get me started.  Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer--I'm about at my whit's end (and there's not much whit there to begin



  • There is a very detailed bra fitting guide at Breakout Bras (Just do a web search for the company - it's easy to find) with a special section on fitting maternity and nursing bras at the end of the page.  Pretty much, the size you wear now will work, but look for a couple of bras with adjustable cup sizes - i.e, with several hooks on the cup flaps that allow the cup to get larger - which you may need during the first week or so when your milk comes in.

  • If you are birthing at a hospital, they have a policy if you birth there they will give you one free consultation at the lactation center.  If you go to the center they will have someone size you. You should be able to then try the bras which you like on and buy bras while there. The prices for there bras start around $25 and up.

  • When I was pregnant I went in to Motherhood Maternity when I was about as far along as you are, and they helped me figure out what size I needed to get - and I acutally needed new bras then because I was outgrowing the ones I had, so I was going to go ahead and start wearing the nursing bras.  The lady there told me I would be a little bigger when my milk came in, so not to get a bra that felt too snug right now.  So basically, you need to get a nursing bra that fits you now, but allow just a little room so you will be comfortable when your milk comes in.  And maybe get only one right now, and wait and see how you like it after the baby arrives. 

  • honestly i'm put everything off until the last possible momment and i was even worse when i was younger with my first i didn't actaully get them until i was about 30-35 weeks and even then i got ones that were a little lose because of the milk coming in factor. I'm am 14 weeks with my second and plan on doing it the same way for two reason one becasue it worked the first time and Two i'm am already larger then i was the first time so i need new ones that will fit this time.