• I am new to this site and I had a question?

    I am 8 weeks pregnant and my face is breaking out. Never had this.

     Is there something I can do about this or is it just hormones?...Embarrassed

  • Hey my face has done the same thing throughout the entire pregnancy :(

    There really isn't much you can do, most of it is because of the hormone imbalance. Just wash your face in the mornings when you get up and before you go to bed that should help somewhat, you can also do face masks no more than twice a week [ at first yor face will break out more though, but in the end it should have cleared up].

  • I haven't been able to do anything about mine :(  I've tried Clearasil, Pro Active, name it.  Sorry!!!!

  • lol! oh man! i broke out like crazy during my pregnancy. i always chuckled a bit when people would talk about a woman's pregnant "glow." yeah, i most definitely didn't have that. there really isn't anything you can do about it. just keep washing and cleaning Stick out tongue don't worry, though, eventually your body sorta gets "used" to all the hormonal changes and it lets up a bit. just hang in there. just another great wonder of pregnancy.

  • This is my 2nd pregnancy and with both I broke out too.  It's hormones...actually, I am still breaking out a little bit.  It isn't as much now (I'm at 24 weeks) but still am around my jaw line and neck...weird!

  • Iam having the same problem! Iam currently only 7 weeks but for the past 2-3 weeks ive been getting sever cystic acne on my neck and shoulders. Which looks bad for me because I work for a dermatologist and there are no medications that are really safe to use while being pregnant! im just hoping it doesnt start happening on my face! lol

  • Oh no! Ive been using this Mary Kay stuff and it works great! A bit pricey but since I havent ever broken out before I used it everywhere. My arms face and legs were breaking out bad a few weeks ago. That stuff just cleared it right up. :]

  • oh ok thats good to know, im just glad iam only breaking out on my neck right under where my scrubs lay so its not seen! lol its driving me crazy though! I havent broken out since I was like 13 lol!

  • I have the same problem! This is my third pregnancy and I've never had this before! Maybe a little zit here or there, but not this time! My chin's all broken out, my face is oily, and I have cyst-like acne on my back. My chest is broken out too. The cyst stuff really hurts, and of course, shows up under my bra straps and gets rubbed all the time!

    This wasn't the glow I was hoping for!Wink

  • Same here! I'm 24 and I have very mild acne but since I've been pregnant (about 7 weeks I think) by face and chest (boobs especially) and shoulders have had cystic acne.

    I thought it might have to do with hormones and excess oil production on my skin. So I took a trip to Sephora <3.  I got "Never Let Them See You Shine" by Philosophy. It helps absorb excess oil on your skin. It didn't seem to have any harsh chemicals in it but I'm going to check with my OB to make sure its safe. It has helped a LOT in conjunction with using a super light moisturizer by Physicians Formula.

  • Would you mind telling the name of the product? I'm 8 weeks, and my cheeks are a disaster!! I was hoping to glow, but I'm really just oily!!
  • Hey I started having the same breakouts too. I'm about 10weeks and this is my first baby. I do have to step children one boy thats 7 and the girl is 5 it has been a challege for me. But any way about the breakouts the really isn't anything you can do about them usually your more in like do get them while you are pregnant.

  • "Never Let Them See You Shine" by Philosophy 

    I got it at Sephora. Its been GREAT!

  • Yea im 20 weeks and my face is very bad i dont think its going to go away until i have the baby thats the bad part its just hormones theres nothing i dont think you can do about it.

  • I'm 22, Married to an army soldier For 3 Months today. I'm in a state that is nowhere near my mothers My First Baby. I don't know how many weeks I am because the Gyno has to refer me to an O.B. Doc. However for the meantime she presumed I'm due Sept 3rd. So I may be 6 weeks. I started breaking out on my cheeks a couple of weeks before I went to the doctors to get referred to a dermatologist, I had really bad cystic acne. That's when the doctor blessed us with the news of a baby on Dec31st. I almost fainted in my chair lol. I used many things from facial scrubs to cleansers, facial masks, the best thing was "4life night repair cream". Washing in the morning and evening. The swelling went down but the oily is still there. I checked out the website for Sephora, they have 3  products not sure which one your using?