What's your opinion on the name Cody?

  • We're tossing around the idea of Cody for a boy's name. It's a family name on my husband's side. I kinda like it. It's cute and rough and tumble. But I'm not sure if it's too cute. Any opinions out there? People in my real life circle are too diplomatic to say more than "it's your baby! All that matters is if you like the name." But I don't think that's entirely true.


  • I like the name Cody. What I did when trying to decide my daughter's name was I knew I wanted to use a family name so we chose the names we liked the best on both my mom's side and my dad's. Then you have to put into idea which names are too old school and which names are still cute and your child will like. Thirdly look at the initials when put together what do they say? And think of nicknames that your son will be probable to get because of his name. If then you don't like or you liek it but aren't completely positive on the name, you still have time to change your mind!

  • I like the name Cody as well. It's different without being weird. It's very masculine too I think.  Like future Althlete kinda name.

  • I love the name Cody! My son was born 10/13/09 and we named him Cody.  I thought it was a cute name and not very common.

  • I like the name Cody.  Yes

  • I like the name cody. However if your unsure try looking up the meaning of the named. I've been through a few different names I liked because of the meaning. For instance My fiance and I had pretty much decided on tristen if we we're having a boy, until I looked up the meaning. The name tristen or tristan is celtic and means sad.  I'm sure it doesn't mean that he would be sad all the time. It's just when people ask what it means i want something better to say than sad.

  • I like it.  It's my brother in laws name.

  • Once you see your baby, if he looks like a "Cody," go for it! It's a nice name and since it has a family history, it will mean more to you and your husband. If the other members of your family disagree, they can choose the names for their babies! It's your turn! :-)

  • That's my little brother's name...He's not so little anymore, he will be 18 in March. But that name has always suited him just fine ;)

  • I love the name! Its my son's name, had him in 1994. You don't here to many Cody's thats what i like.Smile And my boy is ALL boy.

  • I like the name Cody!   Smile  Cody is a strong name, good choice...  And the best part it is a family name, we are also looking at using a family name! 

  • I like it.. :-) Good Choice..

  • The name Cody is so common! Personally fist names matter if they are common but middle names are the best for names that run in the family! My sons name is Noah and i regret naming him such a common name! however his middle name is Tylor, a very common name with a unique spelling and I can call him NoahTylor as a first name to make it a little more than what it is. The day I had Noah, another lady in the delivery room down the hall had named her son Noah!!! Names are a big important thing. All the 7 Codys i know hate their common name. Wink