Body Issues

  • My boyfriend and I just found out we are pregnant. We are both EXTREMELY excited. My mind is absolutely racing between insurance, doctors appointments and what exactly is going to happen to my body. Growing up I was always very self concious, in the last few years I finally found a comfort zone where I was finally content with my body, and the way I looked...Even though I know that this is a happy time and what is happening to me is truely normal, beautiful, and interesting to say the least....But lately ive been completely overwhelmed with the same body issue problems I had when I was younger, only now in relation to pregnancy, and what my body will look like afterwards...Im thinking it was spurred by seeing a woman with a newborn who looked like she was still pregnant! I dont know! I guess Im just concerned that along with post pardum depression, that my issues with the way my body looks are going to make things even worse.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy. Remember that all women are different and we react to pregnancy differently. Some women still look pregnant a few weeks after giving birth and then there are other women who are walking the runway 2 months after giving birth looking better than ever. You shouldn't worry about what your body "may" look like. A woman's body was made to go through pregnancy with grace. With proper diet and exercise, we can bounce back fairly quickly. You should have a great support system during this time. Having prior body issues may make this time more difficult for you, but take into consideration that the more your body changes, the more your baby is growing and developing. These changes mean life. Gaining weight is important for your baby's growth and healthy development and is necessary. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Eat well-balanced meals, don't overindulge, and try to gain the weight recommended by your doctor. The healthier you are during your pregnancy, the better your body will look and feel. Congrats again!

  • You definitely need to voice these concerns to your obgyn and your family. Pregnancy is a very emotional time and these older "body issues" can become exacerbated. Now is definitely not the time to be dealing with body image issues and depression is a very real problem that can adversely affect both you and your baby. Talk to your doctor first and foremost!

    From a mother's point of view, your body will change and grow. Try to embrace this time in your life because it is truly a miraculous time. If you need extra support, seek counseling and keep the lines of communication open between you and your boyfriend.


  • I agree - everyone is different.  Your best option is to eat as healthy a diet as you can both during and after pregnancy.  I actually lost about 10 lbs during the first trimester with both of my babies because my eating habits became so much better - I'd reach for a candy bar and think, "Would you feed that to a baby?"  With the first baby, I lost all the baby weight within 5 months without doing anything but breastfeeding and eating healthy.  With the second, I lost it all the same way within a month, in spite of everone telling me it would be really hard since I'm almost 40. On the other hand, it took my best friend a year.  The most important thing to remember is to focus on being healthy, not what the numbers are on the scale.   

  • i wouldn't worry about it to much everyone is different but if you eat healthy and exercise you'll most likely go back down to your old size or pretty close to it. as an expample I have a sister with a 6 year old and she doesn't look like she ever had a baby...while i was only able to get close to my old size after my 4yr old was born. I'm now (well was until recently 14 weeks with my second) a 12 i was a 10 so it really just depends on things like metobolism and taking care of yourself. talk to people like family and your OBGYN about your concerns talking about something can do the most help with you being able to handle it.

  • Thank you so much ladies Big Smile, I feel so reassured, and am feeling a lot better about everything now, its great to hear from all of you and I am so thankful that you all took the time to reply to my post...feels good to be just plain happy and excited again ! Smile