Pregnant over 35

  • This is my first post, so hopefully this comes through okay.


    I am about 10 wks pregnant, my due date is 7/4/10 as of right now.  I have two other children ages 11 and 4. I am 36 yrs old and have to go to genetic counceling because of my age. I go next week for the counceling appointment and my first ultrasound. It all sounds so scary...Any advice?

  • Congrats on your pregnancy. My mother had me at age 37 with no complications. Don't worry yourself until you get solid results. You should focus on the positive aspects of being pregnant and not dwell on "what could be." At age 36, you should have a healthy baby and a smooth delivery, but age does impact pregnancies. But genetic counseling is a safety measure and is just "checking" for possible problems. It does not mean that something will be detected. So, enjoy being pregnant and relax! Let us know the results!!

  • Hi. This is my first pregnancy through In-vitro and I'm 37 yrs old. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and thank's God everything is being beautiful. I'm having a BOY! Just be positive! You are not alone. Wish you the Best of Luck :)

  • Don't worry!  I just had my second child at 39 with none of the age related problems everyone is concerned about.  (Even though there were some complications, they were entirely due to a preexisting medical conditions that I have).   Your overall health is more important than your age when it comes to pregnancy. 

  • I went through genetic counceling also and everything went fine. They caught that the ultrasound techs measured wrong and my due date was screwed up. The whole thing was a nice experince. I'm high risk because of age and PCOS. I would do it again if I had too.

    Congrats and good luck.

  • I am also in the "high risk" category. I'm 39 years old and 9 weeks along. I have my genetics ultrasound appointment next month and am a little concerned which I think is to be expected. I have a 3 year old daughter who is perfect and I'm sure the next child will be just as healthy. Try and enjoy your pregnancy and know that you're not alone. I hope your appointment went well and I'm sure everything will work out.

  • Hi.  I'm 38  years old, and this is my first pregnancy.  I'm about 8 weeks and due August 6th (at which time I'll be 39!)  My doc told me last March I'd never get pregnant, so this was quite the shock!  I already went to the genetic councelor and had an ultasound, and everything went fine.  Surprisingly, the risks to the baby don't go up all that much after 35; I thought the numbers would be A LOT higher.  Keep a positive attitude and enjoy!

  • First off its not scary. i'm 37 with number 6 due in June. Were both other pregnancy health no problems no history of problems in family? The usual questions but more intense. There is a tri-screen test blood samples twice and a sono. It checks for certain things and gives you your chances. Mine were all normal so we opted not to have the amnio done. I have quite a few friends having babies over 35. the docs just want to check everything. Breathe!!! is my advice.

  • Hello! I'm almost 42 and just found out I am expecting #3! I have an 8 year old and 5 year old and was done! I was on the pill and didn't find out until almost 14 weeks! My first ultrasound which  confirmed my due date and baby's age was a week after the fetal nuchal translucency (NT)
    screening was recommended. I had my second child at 36 so I am not so worried about high risk screening. I just completed my blood work for quad screening and will have a Level 2 3d ultrasound at 19 weeks. This will allow high risk doctors to check for abnormalities like cleft palate, heart chambers, etc. I don't like the risks associated with amnio. I wouldn't worry about being "high risk". Some doctors like to run every test available and run up the bill. If you have two perfectly healthy children then plan for a healthy #3. Chances are pretty much in your favor for a healthy baby.  BTW our due date is 6/30. Good luck with your pregnancy!

  • I am 37 and my due date is 7/12/10.  I am going through the same thing.  The nurse told me I am 1 in 104 to pass Down Syndrome to the baby,  I go for the level 2 next month.  I am trying not to get too upset.  The first measurements were fine. 

  • Hi! I am 38 and pregnant with my first.  We'd been trying for four years then I finally quit counting days of my cycle and had put away the fertility monitor for a few months.  Imagine my surprise!  When I took the home test I thought I was only about 6 or 7 weeks then when dr did the ultrasound he said it was more like 10.  I also had to have an appointment with an AMA specialist....they really to make it sound scary with all of those statistics about birth defects and screenings.  Our "statistical risk" of having baby with Down Syndrome was around 1 in 235 and we did the pent-screen and our actual risk came back 1 in 1000!  I was glad that we did it, not that it would have mattered if it came back higher, I've been waiting this long for baby, nothing was going to change that.  Also, I was boarderline diabetic prior to my pregnancy so I had to take the GTT early in my pregnancy and was put on a low dose of insulin only in the evenings so that was really no surprise to me and it's not as big a deal as I thought it would be.  It's what's best for my baby, plus I've really been keeping better track of what I'm eating and I have not gained a lot of weight (good b/c I was a little chubby to begin with :-)  I'm due 6/2 and feel much better now that I'm past the half-way point and I'm so looking forward to meeting my baby girl.  Anatomical ultrasound showed that everything looks perfect!  Congratulations to you!

  • Hi I'm 39 years old and expecting #3 on July 16th.  I have 16 and 13 year old boys and this little bundle is quite the surprise!  I will have the quad screen this week and am trying not to worry too much about it.  If anything shows up abnormal I will be sent to a genetic specialist for a higher level ultrasound.  I was told that because of my age it may come back abnormal while the baby is still perfectly healthy.   Best of luck to all of you!!  Big Smile