18 and Pregnant

  • Is 18 really too young to have a baby? It's old enough to be concidered adult, but too young to give birth? All I feel lately is stress over the fact that some people close to me actually stopped talking to me, or talk to me so much differently now that I am pregnant. I get the "Congrats you are having a baby, although you are too young" thing going on now. I want to be strong but at the next second, I don't know what to think. It's not like I gave up and had an abortion. I am actually eating healthier and getting ready for this baby. Then I think about everyone saying that I messed up at a young age and all I can do is cry about it. I don't know what to think right now. It's bad enough I lost my job when I found out, I have too much to worry about and I don't know where to start from here..

  • First of all....congratulations on your pregnancy. Having a baby is a wonderful blessing no matter what age you are. At 18, you will certainly have a tougher road than some people, but age does not mean you will be any less of a mother. Right now you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure. At times it will be wonderful and at times it will be difficult. Surround yourself with friends and family who will support your decision to have a baby and give you the emotional support you will need to raise this baby. If you find yourself having trouble, talk to your doctor about support groups or resources in your area that may be able to help. Congratulations again and welcome to Strong Moms.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Every pregnant mom will tell you that someone has something negative to say or something that will make you worry about the delivery or life after baby.  Don't let them get to you, take it with a grain of salt, mostly they are probably just concerned about you but can tell you in a positive way.  Just continue to take care of yourself, and align yourself with your helpful and positive resources, like your physician or family members that are supportive, and your boyfriend!  Most importantly dont forget to sign up on all the major diaper website and stores because you can get some great deals!  Hang in there, you will be very blessed with your baby!  My first is now 5 months old and a boy also!  Its been wonderful and things will be good for you too!

  • Dont worry, I'm sure you will be a wonderful mother! My cousin was 16 when she got pregnant, she made the right choice to do what everyone told her not to. She kept the baby even when her own parents suggested abortion, and even after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy she opted not to adopt and keep her baby even when everyone told her she was too young to be a full time mother. She was strong through all of that and I have to admire that. Here Iam 22, and Iam scared to death. I'am working full time plus Overtime which comes out to be about 55 hours a week. And trying to eat better, and still trying to make it to the gym a few times a week which hasnt been happening too successfully lol Wink Iam still trying to wait as long as I can to tell my boss because im afraid once I do I may be laid of, from what my co-workers tell me he doesnt like to pay the maternity leave. So most of my stress is coming from work although I try not to let that bother me lol :)

  • OH! ouch! im sorry. dont be scared. at least you have a job. just try to work as hard as you can right now. I lost my job a few days after i found out i was pregnant. it SUCKED! I told my boss that i was pregnant and i had BAD morning sickness. I was working at mcdonalds so you know how that would work. it DIDNT!

    so how far are you?

  • I had my son when I was 17 and still in High School and my guidance counselor looked down on me, she refused to give me a tutor. It took a lot of hard work and fighting to get what I needed and I graduated on time with good grades. As long as you're working to build a good life for you and your child, ignore everyone's negative remarks. My fiance and I are now expecting our second and although I'm only 19, I'm happy I'm young, I can put all my youth and energy into raising our two young boys and still be young enough when they're older to give the same to my grandchildren. Hang in there and just remember, you're doing a wonderful job as long as you're trying.

  • im 20 years old. me nd my boyfriend have been together for 4 years, 2 of them living together. i recently found out i was pregnant. i told my parents nd they are currently not speaking to me. his father is the only grandparent really supporting us. his mother she has a million nd one negative things to say about this pregnancy. i dnt pay attention it any of it, bcause it could have been worse. this pregnancy is a blessing for me. it seems like everyone who has something negative to say doesnt help me with anything anyway, so y speak on the matter. thats jus how i feel about it all now. me nd my boyfriend are happy and getting ready for this baby to come into the world. seems like i have more friend support than family. but im okay with that. 

  • Don't fret hun. I was 16 with my first child and I got the same treatment. It sucked but I'm so happy I did it. I didn't even have the daddy around so I was alone from the get-go. I'm 18 now and am 28 weeks pregnant. It's a hard road but honestly, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Forget everyone who is making you feel down on yourself. You're going to be a great mother. Smile and good luck

  • Aww wow working at Mcdonalds with morning sickness! that must have been horrible :( I am only 7 weeks, and so far I havent had any morning sickness or bad bouts with nausia, The only symptoms ive had is extremely sore  breasts which seem to grow every day I already need new bras! lol, and the fatigue, im ready for bed by like 8pm. haha. So for now I can hide it at work for a little bit anyways, it also helps that I work @ a doctors office and wear scrubs, not the most flattering work uniform lol

  • i was 18 with my first and went through the same thing you are going through, everyone told me iwas to young.  now she is almost 6 years and i couldnt imagine life without her, and i no longer get those comments!  occasioanlly someone will say you do not look old enough to have a 5 year old, but thats about it.  i am one of the youngest moms at kindergarten, soccer and dance, but think of it this way you will be in your mid thirties when your child is 18, you will still be young!. just screw what everyone says!  no matter your age you will get negative comments from people...

  • Thanks for the good advise! It really helps to talk to people who are/were in the same boat as I am now. Things are looking okay now that my boyfriend is looking for a job. It's just still hard to get a job out there. I'm just glad I am not at McDonalds now!

  • AshleyFV...I now have a wonderful son he will be 5 in march i just turned 24 in August i had him at 19.  I know exactly how you feel. the best thing i can say to you is congrats and let everyone have the opinions they want aslong as you are doing what you want that is what counts. I did get alot of aren't you to young and all that junk. But i look back and I wouldn't change it for the world. My son is one of the best things to happen to me.  Just stand your ground and let everyone know your doing what you want and if they can't respect you for that and keep contact with you then it's their lose not yours. Good Luck,  I know this post is a few weeks old and i hope things have changed for the best and that they continue to get better.   

  • Congratulations! Im 18 as well and Im 29 weeks pregnant. I understand completely how you feel. Everyone was saying the same things to me and making me feel bad about my choice to keep my baby. At first I ignored evrything, then I started to get overwhelmed and streesed out and then I started thinking that maybe I did mess up my life. But I realized that I was just letting everyone elses thoughts and concerns make me think that way. My advive to you is to just ignore the negativity that people are trying to bring to you and think about what is best for your baby and how happy you are going to be when he or she gets here.

  • Congradulations on your pregnancy!! I just wanted to say that it sounds like the people in your life that are not talking to you or treating you the same are very insensitive people. I understand that you are young but it sounds like you are more then able to be a great mom!! You seem to be mature for your age. You are doing all of the right things by taking care of yourself and getting ready for the baby. Age is just a number and try not to let other people discourage you.

    I would just give them some time will come around. I have a girlfriend that was pregnant also. She is 22 0r 23 and they were upset with her for awhile to and it didnt take them long before they came around. It only took a month or so before they were all happy for her. If they are all still acting the same just prove them all wrong when the babys born that you are a grown women and can handle anything. Wish you the best of luck.

  • Congrats! Dont let anyone put you down! I am only 20 and my boyfriend is 19 so yes we still get the "your to young" stuff but just keep your chin up =)