Popularity of Names

  • How important is the popularity of a name really?  I've been trying to avoid popular names for our baby, but it's so hard.  My name is Jennifer and there was always at least one other in my class at school.  My brother is Michael and he had the same situation.  My boyfriend is Joshua and my daughter is Lillian.  I thought I was being a little different when I named my daughter, but she has already started meeting other Lilys.

    My first choice for a name was Aiden and then I decided it was too popular because it was the number one name on another parenting site I use.  After that I liked Anthony which is also popular, but I was going to honor my deceased brother with it.  I talked to my mom about this and she said it would be too upsetting.  Lately I like the name Jacob, but when I finally got around to investigating the Social Security web site I found out that it's been the real number one name since 1999.  In my state Aiden has actually been under number 10.

    We only have this problem if the baby is a boy, for a girl we've chosen the name Annabelle.  When I researched it I found out that it's not even in the top 100 for our state.  I know that other "belle" names are popular, but that's fine with me.

    On one hand I'm ready to just go with a name that we can agree on.  My daughter even like the name Jake for a boy.  And I know it fits in with the rest of our family since we all have popular names for the years we were born.  However, I used to get frustrated in school when they'd ask me to go by a nickname.  Do you think it would bother a boy that much?  Am I just finding things to worry about or is this a serious problem?  Sorry so long, but I have been going over this again and again for a couple months now and I know my boyfriends getting a bit tired of my dilemma.  He's totally ready to go with the name Jacob Anthony.  Thanks for feedback!Smile

  • When we were choosing names, we didn't look at the popularity of it.  We went with names that we both like.  We named our twins Micah and Tyler.  After we named them, started hearing the name Tyler for all these little boys, but didn't matter to me.  It is the names we liked.  My thought is if you like the name, then name your child that.  I don't think that it would bother a boy that much; between him and his friends they will probably come up with nicknames anyway.  I like the name you all have picked...Jacob Anthony.  I think that any name you pick, probably sometime in school will have a classmate with the same name; unless it is something really crazy or unique. 

  • We wanted different, but not weird. We didn't want a very popular name. After we chose Kenlee, we found out about a million girls with that name. I can tell you from my job that Aiden is very popular right now. Bella is popular, but Annabelle is not. I think whatever feels good to you is the right name.

  • I agree go with what you want, if it doesn't matter to you about popularity then don't let it bother you.  Just love the name you give your child.  I know I'm having some reservations with our baby coming.  His brothers are Holden Quinn, and Trent David.  David only for his fathers family tradition otherwise it would have been something else.  We have yet to find anyone other than famous people or characters that are named such.  This is supposed to be another boy, I sometimes wonder, but I love Gabriel.  It is however, EXTREMELY popular, as would have been his middle name of Christian.  Now we've decided that we really do love Gabriel, but the middle name is a toss up and we are actually waiting to see what he looks like when he's born. 

    I'm not one for common names and I too have a common name for my generation or area or whatever, I'm Crystal.  I went to school with about 15 in various grades, about 5 where it had mixed classes so, I know how frustrating it is when the teacher sees how many multiples there are in class and asks each one if they have a nick name.  That's why I'm trying to avoid it for my kids.  So far so good its just this current one we're having problems with lol!

    good luck though! I know I'm driving my husband crazy too and we're due in march.

  • What's popular today is not necesarily going to be so tomorrow. Go with what you like and you feel your child will like when they grow up -- which is impossible to predict, I know. There's not telling what names children will turn around to use as a tease or taunt. My outlook is that kids will find something to pick on other kids about anyway, so you might as well choose a name that means something to you because that's the only thing you can control. Chill out and let your feelings guide you.

  • Having a less popular name growing up I have also seen that benefits it can bring - for instance, never wondering if someone is speaking to another person. However, I also felt somewhat left out by it too... Other's around me developed lifelong nicknames (I got my first one late in highschool and it made me a little jealous it took so long to get one) and the sharing of names can be a great ice breaker. Though, I married a Jennifer so I've come to understand what having a popular name can be like. Although it can have some un-fun sides having a popular name, I think if you pick a name you love then no matter how popular it is/becomes it will be always be a great name.

  • I have had my daughter's name picked out since I was 16.  It was actually going to be my son's name, but my ex had a son and named him that, so that became off-limits for me if I had a son.  When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew that if I had a little girl, I would name her Korbyn.  I am obsessed with The Fifth Element and Bruce Willis's character Korben Dallas.  Korbyn has not been in the top 1000 names in the past 10 years.  Corbin, as a boy's name, was ranked 244 at its highest, and Korben was not ranked.  For me, it wasn't the popularity of the name, but rather how much I liked it and thought it fit.

  • That is an awesome story korbynsmommy! This from a mom who named her kids after main characters on TV shows!

  • If I ever have a son, I want to name him Gregory - House's first name on House MD!