• Im a pregant for the first time and was wanting to know how do u know when u going into labor or getting closer to?

  • its very different for everyone but usually some signs are more pressure and pain in pelvic are, thick discharge from mucus plug, but you can go for weeks without that. braxton hicks contractions, tightening of your stomach, back pain.

  • Trying to determine when you are actually in labor is a little bit tricky, but in should feel contractions getting closer together and stronger. You will feel uncomfortable and they can get rather painful. Some women begin showing signs that labor is getting closer by losing their mucus plug or the baby dropping into the pelvis. Talk to your Obgyn and ask her to give you a list of labor signs to look for and ask her when she would like you to call her or go into the hospital.

  • it's really hard to tell and i was induced that first time but some of the things i was told. Is to time the contractions labor ones will slowly and steadily increase in pain and come and in go fairly regular intervolves. when i was having them they started from the back and worked they're way...i'm not sure fi yours will be the same on that part but...The best thing is to talk to your Ob and see what they have to say they may even have reading material on it. i have "your pregnancy & birth" 4th edition my OB gave it to me but it's just filled with all kinds of useful information about all this stuff i'd totally recomend getting it. I've found out stuff i never knew the first time around that would of been wicked helpful.