Baby Weight....

  • So I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my first, and I lost 20 lbs in the beginning and now I've gained 10 lbs of it back... People keep telling my that the baby is taking all my weight in and that he is going to be a Big baby. I was just wondering what everyones experiences were... It's just had me thinking. I'm ready for my baby big or small haha.

  • You lost 20 lbs prior to your pregnancy and you gained 10 pounds throughout the 34 weeks? If so, 10 lbs is not a significant amount of weight gain and will likely be all baby weight. However, this does not mean you will have a large baby. How does the baby look on the sonogram? What are the measurements?

  • When I delviered my first baby I only weighed 135. I started at 100. This one I started at 105 and I am 149 now. I have gained 44 pounds and I am only 35 weeks. People keep telling me that I am not that big, but I feel that I am. They also tell me that it is all in my stomach but I feel it is all over. Has anyone else gained that much.