37 Weeks - Displeased with OB - Too Late?

  • the ob office i've been going through is directly affiliated with our local hospital and employs 5 doctors, 3 midwives, and 2 nurse practitioners.  i chose the facility because they came highly recommended by several friends, had excellent reviews online, and had promised me that i would meet all their doctors and midwives before i gave birth.  this was an extremely important selling point for me as this is my first child and i am uncomfortable with a total stranger delivering my baby.  i am now 37 weeks and still have not met half of the staff.  i will be meeting two of the doctors and one of the midwives over the next four weeks only because i made them change three of my appointments.  if i deliver on my due date, i still will not have met two of the doctors at the practice (both of whom are male).  a few friends who have not had children don't see why this is a big deal but to me it is huge.  if i am in labor and some strange man i've never met wants to poke around my vagina i am going to flip out.  part of me wants to leave the practice and find someone else to deliver my baby but am afraid it is too late.  any suggestions???

  • Labor and delivery doesn't always go according to plan. My third child came in the middle of a snow storm and my doctor couldn't get to the hospital. The resident on call had to deliver him. While it may seem uncomfortable to you, having a healthy baby and a delivery that goes smoothly is much more important. Try your hardest to meet the doctors in the practice over the next few weeks, but in the end when you are starring at your beautiful baby....you truly won't care.

  • this is my third baby and really by the time you are in labor , most womean would let the janitor take a peak if it meant the baby would be here faster and with less pain.   I dont  think changing  at this point will do you much good.  What is the chance you would have time to meet everyone in a  new practice.  It really will be ok,  and if you met almost evryone than odd  are in you favor that you will get someone you have met.. 

  • I am with these gals, truly once you are in the process of laboring and all you will want anyone who is available to help. It is great to have a doctor that has seen you deliver your baby but it has happened with me that the one doc I had not seen yet but did have an appt for did deliver my oldest boy. I had NO say in when it would happen as my son was 5 weeks EARLY. All my kids came early and you can pop anytime as it was around the time you are at that I had my two girls.  As it was with my last girl I was in pain for the last 2 hours of my pregnancy/delivery and I had who knows how many of the nurses checking me as they kept saying I was not fully dilated yet. Even up and until I started to feel the urge to push! My cervix had a lip left but the doctor (one that yes I had seen) helped it over my baby. Not sure how it is at your place you are with but None of the nurses had I really met before but maybe for a few minutes when we went on the tour of the L&D floor.

  • If you are not comfortable find another doctor! I wish I would have when I discovered mine did not like being told when I felt there was a problem and I ended up having my daughter 4 1/2 weeks early because of preeclampsia the doctor ignored. She is perfect now after spending 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital NICU but always trust your gut instinct-it's the best tool a mom has when it comes to the health of you and your baby. Remember YOU hired THEM and therefore they work for you and you are not doing them a favor by being their patient. Good luck and congratulations on your baby when he/she is born!

  • I am coming up on our 34th week, and I feel that were on the same boat. I have been seeing the same doctor who's doing her residency in the past 8 mos. but not really comfortable with her being still young and not as seasoned. I registered with the midwives program but never really saw them since I feel bad ditching this doctor. I say, trust your instinct and thats what I'm going to do as well. Goodluck and I hope you get what you want.

  • I am in the same boat as you just not as far along. I have been promised i'd meet all the docs and so far they seem to be doing everything they can to do that. But you need to remember your not the only pregnant women or their only patient that they are trying to do this for and so it may just not be possible. When i had my first I had hospital nurses i never even met looking in on me when my midwife couldn't, so you may even end up with that happening i'd say it's to late to switch. what happens if you go in labor and haven't even had your first appointment with the new docs?? i think that would be way worse then having the possiblity of not having one i haven't seen but is still inthe same office that i've been going too. I'd say either way make sure someone like your mom or the childs father is in the birthing room with you so that you have someone else there you know. But rememeber they wouldn't be doing this if they didn't know how...the most important thing is having a healthy baby and a easy labor.

  • I have been seeing One Dr and One nurce for the past 7 months, however i have to the hospital many times during my pregnancy (FYI this is my first as well) and i have to say that when it comes right down to it i was not confortable with having other docters that i didnt know hanging around down there either. But they do their best to try to make you confortable and as long as you have someone else in the room with you like ur husband then its a lot more conforting

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  • When I had my first son, I was thinking the same way as you. The practice I go to had 4 doctors at the time, and 3 nurse practitioners. They almost always scheduled me with the same doctor, but I don't know if it was just me being hopeful or being naieve (sp?) - but it never crossed my mind that the doctor I'd been seeing might be off work, on vacation, or unavailable to day I delivered. Well, sure enough, delivery day came and he wasn't available. But I was so ready be be 'done', lol, that, like heady 843 said, I would have let the janitor take a peek if he wanted to. This is going to sound bad, but nothing is sacred once you get in that L&D room! But if you are feeling uncomfortable, I would share this with the doctors at the office. They might be able to set up a meeting with you and the other 2 doctors just so you can get to know them a little bit. Hope this helps, and good luck :)

  • Hopefully you haven't delivered yet. Out of five deliveries I only had my ob doc at two of them. Twice my little ones wanted into the world now and they pulled a doctor from the hall to deliver one, a nurse delivered the other because the doctor couldn't get there fast enough and the other the doc said oh this is your first he won't come early ya right he did and I got the on call doc. At that moment of delivery really you won't care who it is as long as they do their job. Secondly the doctor unless there won't come in to see you until you are ready to push or are having problems the nurses tend to do everything like all the checking until you get so far. everything will be fine if you like the office to stay with them this long and know most of the staff and have had no problems I think you will be fine.

    We moved and my first visit to a new doctor was my first check up to confirm pregnancy. So I understand my last doctors office took care of me through my last two kids.