First Child at 21!

  • My Husband and I are expecting our first child and are due in June! We could not be any happier to expand our little family. I am 17 weeks pregnant and loving the little belly that I finally have. When we found out that I was pregnant we jumped for joy for days. Is it strange that at 21 I was a little hesitant of the news? We had planned to both finish college and then start a family, but thats not how it happened. I now can not wait to meet our little man but was wondering if anyone else felt the same way when first goven the news?

  • Nothing strange about it. I'm expecting my first at 22. I'm completely overjoyed--my husband and I had actually been trying for almost a year, ever since I miscarried. However, despite how thrilled I am to know that we're finally going to be able to meet our first child in the next year, it's been a little weird adjusting to it. We are still young, and we don't exactly have our lives in order... But I think that if you wait for your lives to be in order til you have children, you'll never have children.

    Remember ladies: Things happen in their own time, not when we think the time is right.


  • Well all things happen for a reason. I also wanted to finish school before I had a child. Im 20 years old and my son is a little over four months. I was hesitant about the news when I found out too. Life has been a little crazy. Your friends wont call anymore to hang out, but i'm having a blast and honestly would not change it for the world! Congrats!

  • same here i just turned 21 and im 7months along. only 10 more weeks, till we get to meet our lil stich for the first time!!!!!! But he was not in the plain at all. we were actually in the middle of plaining a weeding when we found out and those plains had to be post-poned :( but im ok with it now because being able to feel your baby grow inside you has to be the coolest feeling ever!!! :) congrats on ur pregnancy! I hope u ave as much fun with it as i am with mine!! Wink

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • Congrats to you and your hubby!! It's so exciting!! I'm 21 and am 2months pregnant with my 3rd!! Very nervous bout this 3rd kid, but life's life. You have to deal with what it throws at you. Congrats again!! I know you'll make an awesome mommy!!