Good Books

  • Hi Everybody,

    I am new to StrongMom's and so far, I think that this is a great website.  I am 28 and am 10 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I can't wait to meet him/her.  So far feeling great, but very tired!!!!  I wanted to create a post to share a few books that I have bought recently that I thought were really good.  I also wanted to get anyones advise on other good pregnancy books. 

    The first book I bought was actually a parody to "What to expect when you're expecting" (which I hear is also a great book); the book I bought is called "What to expect when your expected: A fetus's guide to the firs three trimester" by David Javerbaum(writer and producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart).  I loved this book because it was hysterical, it takes the view of your unborn baby and I think its a great book to read to get you mind off of all the scary stuff about being pregant.  If you like really really funny books, get this one.  The other book that I bought has really helpful information in it.  Its called "Feed the Belly" by Frances Largeman-Roth, RD.  This book is great because it tells you everything that you should be eating and also has recipes to feed your cravings.  This book has a ton of information in it and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Some books that my husband has enjoyed so far for the dad-to-be.  "My boys can swim: The offical guys guide to pregnancy" by Ian Davis, and "Punk Rock Dad: No Rules, just real life" by Jim Lindberg, lead singer of Pennywise (great band by the way)

    Again, I would love to hear from anyone and everyone about good books that you recommend for a first time mom-to-be.

  • When my wife was pregnant for our first, I asked her to highlight things she thought were really good for me to know. It made it easy for me to know what she was expecting which was crucial for our relationship.

  • I also liked What to Expect when you are expecting. I thought it was a great book that really covered a lot of ground. Once I had the baby, I liked to read..."Lose weight while Breastfeeding"...I thought it offered sound nutritional eating with some good recipes.

  • Hello, I am also 28, expecting my first, and am 14 weeks along.  I tried to read "What to Expect", and I just couldn't seem to want to sit and read it.  I love a book I picked up at a book sale called "The Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy," and had it all read through before I was pregnant, I refered it to a friend who was pregnant at the time, and we both though it was hysterical.  Right now, though, I am reading "You:  Having a Baby" by Dr. Oz.  It is fascinating to me... It explains things much more differently and in ways you wouldn't expect from a book about pregnancy written by a couple of guys (He had another Dr. write this with him.)

    Good Luck, hope that helps, Happy Reading.

  • My friend was telling me about a book by Jenny McCarthy called "Belly Laughs". I haven't read it, but plan to. She said it is hilarious.