Hi, I'm New Here.

  • I'm not sure if this is here I'm supposed to post something like this or not, but HI! I'm Casie and I'm new here. :). I'm due February 21st, 2010.. only 7 weeks to go. It's a boy, and I already have a 2 year old son named Nickolas. He was born April 14, 2007 and was 7lb, 8oz. This baby is going to be named Zackary. My husband and I got married on May 9th, 2009 and we are really excited about our baby boy!!!!

    Last doctors appointment was December 17 (long break in between because of the Christmas/New Years Holiday)... that day I was measuring 32 1/2... they said that this is going to be a big baby! So I guess I have THAT to look forward to! Bad back pain and some mild contractions (maybe Braxton Hicks??) every once in a while... and heartburn! Heartburn is a killer. I never had the BH contractions with my first (at least I never felt them)... so this is like a whole new world, lol. But I had killer heartburn with my first and he came out with a head FULL of hair, so that old wives tale might be true :)

    Any other mommies on here due around the same time as me? Boys/Girls?

    I hope everyone else's pregnancies are going good :) and I hope to make some friends here :)

  • Hello and welcome to Strong Moms...I have 4 small children under the age of 6. My last child was born in October! I am glad you have joined us here at Strong Moms. This is a great site to get some incredible advice that is "mom tested"! Better yet, feel free to share some of your own. I hope to see you around the forum..and congratulations on your pregnancy!

  • im supposed to be due march 8th, but my doc says that my lil monster is growing 3 days fast. Big Smile 

    And the BH contractions OUCH!!! im getting it double i wake up with ether a killer migraine or BH, I just cant win....

    anyway im having a boy!!  Good Luck!! 

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza

  • i'm new to this to i'm alittle scared i have no idea what's going on!! I have 3 boys they are 3yrs and 2 yrs and 6mths old they make life for me very busy i hardly have time for me!! I;m married and my husband works everyday so i;m all byself alot.