gender of baby

  • I am trying to think of fun ways to tell family what the baby is, I will find out jan 26th. with my daughter it was around christmas time so i wrote it on a piece of paper and used glitter to make it pretty. i then wrapped it up like a gift in a bunch of boxes. i want to do something different this time but lots of fun. it will be for my parents and inlaws.. thanks for your ideas.

  • You could wait until Valentine's Day to tell everyone and make a really pretty Valentine card to give to people with a poem saying that it is a girl or a boy etc...


    This Valentine's day, our family is filled with joy

    Cause we just found out...... we're having a......BOY!!!

    You get the idea! CONGRATULATIONS


  • MommyRn you always have the best advice!! What a great idea!!

    Stef- Let us know what you come up with!

  • Thanks sgilligan...glad you liked my idea!! Stef...keep us up to date with your progress!

  • i am thinking of getting a helium balloon that says "its a boy" or "its a girl", putting it in a box wrapped up and when they open the box the balloon will fly up... my fiancee doesnt think its that cute of an idea but i love it ha ha ha. we will see, if i get any more ideas i can run them by him and see what he thinks. thanks everyone

  • Tooooo cute we find out Feb. 3, what a wonderful ideal........

  • I don't find out what I'm having until mid February but a friend of mine got a bunch of regular pink helium balloons split them into 2 bunches and 2 "its a girl!" balloons then at night went and tied a set to both sets of grandparents mailbox so when the gparents woke up the following morning they got the news! I thought that was a pretty unique way of sharing the news of course you could also tie them to the car doors or anywhere else they'd be sure to notice them.

    I loved the Valentines day idea as well!