First Ultrasound Tomorrow!

  • I'm going in for my first ultrasound tomorrow. I'm actually going to a free abortion counseling clinic because I know a woman who works there and it'll be free :)

    Why I'm writing is because I'm actually really scared that there won't be a heartbeat or something else wrong with the baby. Did anyone else feel like this before their first ultrasound? I've read some other posts about not hearing a heartbeat around 6 weeks. I think i'm about 6.5 weeks or so and I'm really stressed out about it.

    I'm 24 and its my first pregnancy, unplanned. I'm not sure how I would feel either way. I have a ton of emotions running through me.

  • So i totally know how you feel it seems like! I am 20, my first pregnancy, and its unplanned. And i think its like a natural thought process to feel like your not going to carry for the full term because i have been having alot of the same freaked out feelings!!! But if you need someone to talk to i'd be more then willing!!! And good luck tomorrow!
  • Thanks SamanthaJoy. How far along are you?

    Wouldn't you know, after 1 week of being nausea free, it came back in full force along with all the other symptoms that had temporarily subsided. Have you felt anything similar?

    I was waiting until my ultrasound before telling my family just to make sure everything looked okay. I think I'm about 6 or 7 weeks right now but since I couldn't remember when my last period was we can't figure that out just yet.

    SO many thoughts and emotions running wild in my head and the hormones don't help.

  • So, how did the ultrasound go? I have my first ultrasound at 8 weeks (next week). I'm 26 and my pregnancy was planned, but I'm still really worried about making it through the first 12 weeks.
  • They think I am about 9 weeks now, i dont really know for sure, because i havent been able to get an ultrasound yet, and i dont exactly know when my last period was. There are so many hoops you have to jump through its crazy!

    I have had some morning sickness, i am tired almost all the time though it sucks. And my boobs oh man wearing a bra some days is to much. And hormones are crazy! I feel like i am going insane and i feel really bad for my dogs and boyfriend(Stephen).

  • It went well! I saw the heartbeat which was SUCH a relief. I'm still praying that nothing traumatic happens in the next few weeks.

    How is everyone else doing?

  • =D YAY! Thats super exciting!!! I really want to get one done to put mymind at ease about everything...

  • Ditto I felt like i was losing my mind in the first two and a half months. I am 12 weeks and five days along and I started to feel more sane in the past few weeks thank god. I felt really bad for my husband and dogs. I was crazy. I guess they must really love me to put up with my mood swings.

  • I just had my first ultrasound on tuesday and I was really worried that something would be wrong. I wasnt having any symptoms that would suggest anything was wrong, but I wasnt going to believe it until i saw the heart beating and everything. There was a girl at my work the same exact number of days pregnant as me and she lost the baby last week, but she was having a lot of problems the whole time. Kind of hit home. but everything went really well. It was amazing to see the baby. It looked like a little person already!! so cool!! the heart beat was 161 beats a minute. So glad to hear that it went well for you to!!

  • yeah my mood swings are getting a little worse. I'm still a little concerned about miscarrying but I don't think I have had any symptoms thus far and I'm 8 weeks in. I'm hoping to get another one in a few weeks so I can see the changes in my little bean.

  • Hi abbeywax my name is jackie but my username is christopher2010 i am in the same boat as u i am 27 and i found out that i am 9 weeks and 3 days i had my first ultra sound last week and i was thinking just like u what happens if i dont hear the baby heartbeat or what if theres is something wrong but i had to get a vaginal ultrasound because the baby is still to small from what my ob told me but when i say the fetus then i say that little patter i started to cry because that was my baby in the breathing it is so amazing i learned not to stress about any little thing i just leave it in gods hands whatever is going to happen is going to happen we have no control of it as long as you take care of yourself and not over due it u will be fine i am due august 15 2010 so it looks like we have stuff in common as long as we r supportive with one another we both should be fine can't wait till the baby comes :)