Being induced

  • I am supposed to be induced on Monday with my 2nd child. I had my first child w/ out being induced, but have heard that contractions can be worse b/c of the pitocin.  Does anyone have any advice/ insight to being induced?


  • I was induced twice and I think that the pitocin definitely makes the contractions stronger. Either way, labor is uncomfortable, but I think that with the pitocin, you feel the need to get an epidural much sooner. You will be fine and in the will all be worth it! Congratulations on your new baby coming! It is such an exciting time.

  • Hi!

    I was induced with my number five all because I didn't want to go past my due date. As yes the medication they give you does make the contractions that much more stronger thats why they use it to start the labor and push it along. It was hard at first but I think if I could have been aloud to sit up or walk a little it would have helped cause i had decided to have an epidural and I really didn't want to because I had number 4 natural but I couldn't take it but when I asked if I could go to the restroom one last time before i got it, I started having second thoughts because it felt good plus thats when my water decided to finish breaking. As soon as I got back in the bed they gave me the epidural and she was born before it took effect and before the doctor could get in there and for them to set everything up. In fact the nurse didn't have her gloves on. So if you can hold out you may not need it but keep in mind you might so you are disappointed in yourself.

  • Good luck! Get ready for epidural. I was scheduled to be induce when my second passed her due date. Hopefully things will kick into gear for you before. My water broke hours before I was scheduled to be at the hospital for induction. Both of my deliveries required pitocin because water broke and they didn't progress quickly enough. Not a big deal. That babies coming out one way or another and chances are you will be in good hands!

  • I was induced with my 2nd baby and ended up having an epidural since they basically just tight me to the bed, not allowing me to walk around or anything.  Yes, I was a bit dissappointed at first, as I so wanted to have him natural, like I did my baby girl - but at the end it was probably better.  He was way bigger (9.2lbs)  :)  I'm expecting number 3 next mos and am hoping that I won't need to get induced again.  But don't let all these messages scare you now, of you need to get an epidural, which they ended up giving me at 4-5cm dialated, then go for it. He was born just shortly after...

    Best of luck to you!!

  • The contractions meay be a bit stronger, but the alternative could be a MUCH LONGER labor if you are not induced.....which was the case for our first! If I would have taken the petocin earlier my labor would not have been so long (over 20 hours).  I was induced once labor began with our second and my labor was less than 11 hours :)