Having trouble napping or relaxing

  • I am about 8 weeks pregnat and am having the hardest time relaxing.  I am a rather high strung person and always have to be doing something.  Now, i am barking orders to my husband, requiring everything to be done all at once.  when it is not done, i freak out and have a mood swing i cant begin to control.  I notice being much more tired at random throughout certain times of the day, yet when i lay down to nap or just turn my mind off, the dog whines, the water drips, the neighbors dog barks.. icant just fall asleep even though i am exhausted.  Any suggestions for getting a real life NAP?  I have tried to use hot pads, eye covers, and bathing in a nice warm bath .. my mind races at a thousand times a minute.. help!

  • Have you tried reading a good book to get your mind off your stress? Meditation works wonders! Buy a CD and listen to it with a few lit candles. It will help your mind become at ease. Hope this helps!

  • If noises are bothering you, try a sleep machine that plays soothing sounds like a thunderstorm or heartbeats. You can usually get one for 20 dollars! Try to evaluate when you are the most tired and look at your diet. Are you consuming too much caffeine? Are you eating too many carbs? Also, you may not need a nap, just a little down time. Try renting a fun "chick flick" that you have always wanted to watch and then allowing yourself some quiet time on the sofa each day. This may help you recharge your batteries without necessarily napping.

  • I'm 8 weeks and having the same problem. I'm really tired, but can't seem to sleep at night. Sometimes if I lay down and watch TV for awhile I do fall asleep, but I'm not sleeping through the night well. Are you taking prenatal vitamins? Could you be taking them to late in the day?