Please Help--I Need Sleep!

  • I'm 30 weeks along, and in the hospital on bedrest for pre-term labor (thankfully, we have successfully delayed labor for 5 weeks now). My problem is, I have really noisy neighbors! For the past several nights, I have been kept up after 11:30pm listening to conversations that would be loud in daytime hours, much less when quiet hours are in effect (they start at 9:15pm here). I've complained to the nurses several times, and they've asked the patient (it's always one--she had 3+ guests last night until 11pm) to keep it down, but it's not working. I finally gave in last night and asked for an ambien, but I don't want to spend the rest of my nights taking sleep medication when I could sleep fine on my own without the noise. AND, I don't want to be moved to another room because I have a view of something other than a brick wall (staring out at a brick wall is really depressing when you're stuck on bed rest). Would I be out of line if I called the woman and asked her myself to keep it down? Or do I just need to invest in ear plugs? Need some suggestions here.

  • I don't think you would be out of line if you called this woman and asked in a courteous way. Your health and baby are the most important thing and if the nurses cannot control it then you should let her know she is effecting you. If the noise still continues ask the nurses if you or your neighbor can be put in a different room. Your already in a stressful situation you don't need anymore things to think about! Good luck!

  • Hospitals have rules about visitors being there after "lights out". It is for the health of the patients. I would ask to speak to the nursing supervisor and see if she can facilitate a room change or talk to the patient for you. If nothing truly can be done....then I would get some good earplugs. It is better for you to sleep without drugs and this may be accomplished by a simple room change or some good ear plugs. Hope this helps