Hearing babies heartbeat

  • Where is the best place to put a at home heart monitor on your belly? I want to hear my babies heart beat but can seem to find it. Just wondering if some knows where the best spot is?

  • It depends on where your baby likes to hide... I'm 20 weeks and my little guy is so low in my pelvis my Dr. has to put the doppler almost on my pubic bone to find him!  And as your uterus grows he/she may move as well.  Your uterus is low, below the belly button, early on and will keep inching up as you progress.  Keep hunting, you'll find it!

  • well,first lean down and not breath for 20 sec and look at your belly u may can see pumping somewhere(i could see it from week 9-till now)...my baby always move-but when i went to hospital(i was dyhadreted-morning sickness)-they did sonogramm and i hurd my baby's hearth beat-very fast...its so exciding...almost makes me cry...Smile and im  12weeks pregnant, good luck .

  • I was shocked to find out that my baby's heart rate was 170 when I was under 15 weeks pregnant.. it's lowered to about 140 now, but that still seems so fast! Like she's always running a marathon! I second the idea though, to breathing slowly, you can usually see where your uterus is rising and falling from the baby's heartbeat. It's really neat :)