Celebrities and Pregnancy

  • Having a baby is a hot topic, especially in Hollywood. I read gossip magazines and see expecting celebrities who are already thin, working out (running, doing yoga, etc.), and hardly looking pregnant. Then, after they have the baby, they look thinner than ever! It is so difficult being pregnant with the pressure of being perfect, still fitting in the same clothes, and dropping the baby weight quickly. Do you feel the pressure of staying fit during pregnancy and dieting immediately after birth?

  • Try to be easy on yourself. The most important thing during and after your pregancy is making sure that both you and your baby are healthy. Instead of dieting just try to eat healthy. Putting the baby in a stroller and going for a walk as often as possible will help you shed unwanted pounds while also letting you spend quality time with your child. Not only that if your have a fussy baby sometimes the fresh air and steady motion help put the baby to sleep. If it's cold outside just bundle you both up. Most doctors recommend waiting atleast 6-8 weeks before becoming extremely active again.

  • Worries about body changes and weight gain were my first fear, and have been my worst throughout my pregnancy.  I am currently 33 weeks and haven't gain much more than baby, so I am happy!  But that doesn't mean I haven't been very stressed about it.  I walk everyday and do some toning and stretching which helps.  After the baby comes I plan to do a lot of walking with my jogging stroller and get back into running as soon as I can.  I dont compare myself to celebrities though because they have a lot more resources than the average person for staying fit before, during, and after pregnancy.  Just do your best to eat right and get some exercise and I'm sure you will do just fine!