Due Sept/Oct 2010

  • Hello-

    I'm new (first time mom to be) as I'm sure many of you on here are also.  I tried to find other posts that have moms due around the same time as me, but I couldn't....thus I'm starting this one.

    As you can see in the title, I'm due 9/30/10...tomorrow will begin week 5. 

    If there is anyone else out there in a similar situation and will like to chat, please join in.  Look forward to yapping about this experience for the next 35 weeks!

  • I am also a first time mom to be.  I am due on September 24.  It is nice to know that someone else is out there going through this fun. =)  How have your first 5 weeks gone?  I am always tired, and hungry... basically I am turning into a cat. This doesn't work out well when I am an elementary school teacher.  I look forward to yapping with you and anyone else the next 35 weeks =)

  • Hi!

    I just started my 5th week...so far not to bad.  I've felt nauseous at times, but thankfully only actually threw up once.  I've also gotten really tired out of no where.  As far as the hungry thing, not so much, which is good, since I wanted to loose weight before I knew I was pregnant.

    Yeah this should be "fun"....hope others join in! 

  • Hello!

      Congratulationsto you!

    I am from S. Jersey and a first time mom to be. I'm at about 10 weeks although I go to a specialist soon to find out for sure. I was at about 7 weeks ( I believe) when I took a home test because I noticed some changes in myself. lol. I really wasn't feeling well at the time though I've not been very nauseous (just a few times). I feel a lot better now that I actually know what was "wrong" ha.

    I was very short tempered and extremely tired. I'm glad to be past my 7th week. Unfortunatly I had to go to apprentice school during this time and 1 1/2 hours away and I really, really wasn't into it. I'm a union painter and to say, I'm not into it is an understatement right now.

    Feel like a cat eating and being so tired all the time.That's so true. I'm already getting a belly! It's amazing to me.

  • Good luck with your appointment!  I'm from Jersey too, Monmouth County.  Who knows maybe there are others from our "great" state on here too....

  • Oh wow! I worked up there painting Monmouth County Race Track. It's a 1 1/2 drive from here lol. I'm laid off right now, hoping to stay that way for a while.

  • Sorry to hear you are laid off...but if it works for you then good I guess  :-)

    And wow, you must be south...yeah I grew up 5 mins from the racetrack...and can you believe I have NEVER been inside!  I now live about a half hour north, still in Monmouth though...got to love this state, I swear no other one is like it!

  • Hi! I actually am in the same boat as you. I just had started a diet the same week I found out by surprise I was pregnant, lol.  I had always said I wanted to loose weight before getting pregnant especially at my current weight. I'm the biggest I have ever been and now I am pregnant! I am trying to find out what kind of exercises to do and what to eat to watch my weight but still be healthy. I just found out about a center for Yoga for preganant women in the city.

  • Hello ladies, I'm due in early September. This will be my 2nd baby. My son is 14 months old. Needless to say, this pregnancy came as a surprise. I was just getting my sanity back and now I'm back to round the clock morning sickness and fatigue. I'm hoping the morning sickness clears up this time around by the 2nd trimester. Last pregnancy, I had morning sickness up until the day I gave birth.

  • Well ladies, CONGRATS to u all!!! I'm so very suprisingly expecting my second child.  My 1st child is 11yrs. old, just reaching puberty and preparing for middle school. I'm expecting this pregnancy to bring about a dramatic change in all arreas of my life. I'm 9wks and 3days along.  I found out about 4wks ago when I became badly fatigued and couldn't stomach my usual morning cup of oatmeal.  So now, it's hang on tight cause I think this is gonna be one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

  • I will also 5 weeks and will be 6 next Tuesday.  I am not a first time mom but the excitment of the experience is the same.  i have a 3 year old daughter and she is also extremely excited to meet her sister or brother.  She said that it will be great when the baby is born so that they can play hide n' seek.  I thought that was so funny. 

  • This whole feeling sick ALL the time has to stop!  I hate this feeling more than anything!  Also I have been nothing but tired lately.  Thankfully my husband has been really understanding and just lets me pass out when I get home from work.  I have to be honest, I haven't done much around the house this past week but lay around and complain how miserable I feel, which is so unlike me.

    I just can't wait for these symptoms to pass!

  • I totally agree!  I go from feeling great to sick as a dog in a matter of moments.  My husband has been great as well.  I feel so bad not helping out more around the house, but I am so tired and queasy.  I can't wait until these symptoms pass.

  • I am due oct 5th and this is my 2nd child I have a 4 year old boy. I am from Ga. I am feeling tired all the time also and also feeling sick. Nothing sounds good when I think about food anymore. I was in the same boat as a few of you I was trying to lose weight when I found out and I was just lucky I had not started to take diet pills.  Ya'll that have the husbands that are great and understanding are so lucky! Mine is like are you gonna do anything otehr then sit on your butt.. blah blah blah. I hate it but oh well he will get over it lol.

  • I have the exact due date as you.