Keeping pregnancy secret

  • My wife's best friend recently found out she is expecting, but hasn't let most of the world know yet. We attended a wedding with her recently, and to keep it from her friends until she is further along, she drank fake alcoholic beverages at the reception. What steps have you taken to keep your pregnancy secret until you were ready to share it with the world?

  • The problem was that my wife recently had to drink both she and her friend's glasses of wine at another function... my wife loved it, but it wasn't a picnic for me!

  • I have to wear bigger shirts and pants at work. I haven't told my boss yet. I am going to have to say something soon though cause my belly is getting bigger by the week.

  • I guess the easiest way to hide it for awhile is to wear slightly bigger shirts or wear zip-up sweatshirts that are zipped half-way up.  Then it just looks like you're cold.  If the expecting mom wears stuff that is overly big and abnormal from what she'd normally wear, that will be a big give away as well.

    If the mother is experiencing morning sickness, she should try her hardest not to let others know she isn't feeling well.  This gets them wondering.  I guess she should just try to mask her symptoms in front of those she doesn't want to know as best as she can.   

    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I hope this helps a little.