How much longer till labor???

  •  I started loosing my mucus plug today, but only a little bit. I am nine months and counting and my doctors tell me that I am going to go untill around march 1st!! I don't think that it will be that long especially now that Im loosing this but I don't know. So what I was wondering is if anyone can give me a good estimated time on how long after I loose my plug that I have to go. I know every pregnancy is different but I just thought maybe there would be an average because I am so ready for this baby!!! Smile

  • I hear you! After you hit that third trimester, you start to look longingly toward the day you finally get your body back.

    I didn't lose my plug with my second because I was induced, but with my first baby, it only took about a day or so before my water broke. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for you!

  • My wife was induced so I'm not certain, but I would think it should not be much after... Not much help I know but I did want to add my congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly and look forward to more stories about your family!

  • Hate to say it but, the mucus plug really isn't a factor.  You could take a while but if you are 9 months respectively how many weeks are you? as I look at it, a pregnancy is 40 weeks, which to me is the equivalent of 10 months not 9, I know its not realistic, (and my math is crappy) but if its your first baby they doctors are probly more willing to let you go until your body says your ready to have the baby rather than intervene.  Good luck let us know how things go!

  • i am 37 weeks today so yeah i guess they will prolly let my body do all the work even though this is my 2nd baby. thanks i appreciate the help!! hope all is well for you also