Help!!! (Ani-depressants, Sinuses, Nausea and Pregnancy)

  • Hi All,

    I'm 12 weeks tomorrow....I've been having a horrible time. First of all, I was taking Wellbutrin and Pristique Anti-depressants (my OB made me stop Pristique cold turkey), and that's when I started feeling awful.  Headaches, nausea, mood swings, body aches.  Also, for over a month now, I have been suffering with a Sinus Infection...or allergies...who knows what it is.  So my doc started me with Erythromycen Antibiotics, then a Zpack...none of which seemed to help my sinuses, which insist on hurting especially in the afternoons.  I just feel like someone has hit my face with a giant frying pan : (

    Then they discovered I had a it was more Antibiotics for me...Ampesillin...and  then they discovered that my thyroid is underactive, so they had to bump up my Synthetic tyroid hormone I take daily...and I just feel awful!  I am working full time, and every afternoon at about 3-5pm, I get a HORRIBLE migraine, and nausea, and I barely make it through the day with Zophran (for nausea), and Tylenol Sinus, get home, and slump over.

    I'm getting so depressed I have to take all these medicines!  I am so early in my pregnancy and I feel like peanut brittle...just falling apart here!  I'm usually active...I walk or workout 40mins to 1 hour a day, but throughout this pregnancy, I'm lucky just to be able to get out of bed!  I recently lost 60lbs, and so far in my 12 weeks I have gained about 6 lb's, which I guess is not that much, but I feel SOOOO tired, and SOOO a rock on the bottom of a river!

    Sorry...I just had to vent out...any advice, or encouragement from anyone about ANY one of those issues will be so much appreciated...I just feel so inadequate that in my first trimester, I've subjected my baby to all this stuff : (

    Very Sad Mommy to Be...

  • I am so sorry that you are having all these issues.  I just found out last week that I was pregnant again.  My daughter is 3 now.  When I was pregnant with her it was terrible.  I was throwing up all the time.  I could not smell or eat anything for the longest time.  I swore that I would never get pregnant again.  After she was born I never cared about how terrible it was being pregnant and loved being a mother so much that I decieded to do it again.  Just some words of hope for you  when you are so sick.  Hope things get better for you!!!


  • Have you tried using a humidifier at night?  It really helps moisturize the inside of my nose.  I also rinse daily with a saline solution (SinusMed) and it has worked great for me and I do not get the painful sinus headachesl that I used to before I got pregnant. 

    I also took antibiotics for a UTI and my doctor asked me to take one daily through the rest of my pregnancy so they do not reoccur but don't worry because they are safe for the baby.

  • I get sinus headaches too. I've found that the humidifier at night in my room and the one that goes all day in my house have made a huge difference. I've also found that Tylenol Sinus seems to make me feel worse and nauseous. I stopped taking things for my headaches cause they didn't seem to help, but it sounds like mine aren't nearly as bad as yours.

    Keep your head up though. You're out of your first trimester so they say you should start feeling better soon (I'm 11 weeks with my first). And remember that it will all be worth it in the end. You're Dr wouldn't have you on these medications if he/she thought it was bad for the baby, so you'll be okay. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  • I know exactly what you are going through. When I was pregnant i went through it rough at my second trimester i had terrible labor pains. But they were false. My life was in danger because Im not the healthiest person in the world. But trust me all the pain and suffering is worth it because your baby will make your life so much better and happier. I wish you the best of luck. I'm Bi-Polor and I thought i was going to hurt someone when I was pregnant but I seemed to pull myself through. I didnt think I was going to make it to the endBig Smile

  • Ladies,

    Thank you so SO SO MUCH for your emails and reassurance.  I was so excited to see someone out there cared enough to respond, and give me encouragement.  I'm doing a little better.  Hanging in there for the little one.  I went in for a Sonogram last week, and seeing the little munchkin really helped.  I'm going to be 13 weeks this Thursday, which means I'm entering into my 2nd Trimester HAY!!!!

  • I am on wellbutrin too (highest dose they can have someone one) and Celexa (highest does there) and Im 25 weeks now... Im amazed they made you stop cold turkey... you should ask for something that might be an alternitive to what you were on before... I still get neasau and throw up even though Im so far along and most of the time once I take a morning sickness pill it will go away enough, I lost 24lbs the first couple months and Tired like you described... it does get better hun doing worry. if You need someone to talk to Im always around


    PS I dont have a job anymore because my morning sickness was so bad at the beginging that I was sick all day and night.

  • I am sorry you are feeling so badly...Talk to your doctor and make sure she is aware of how miserable you are. The most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open. Discuss alternative treatments with her...there may be alternative methods of treating sinus problems etc.. that can she can recommend. Also, try warm compresses and even a prenatal massage. These can help wonders. Above all, make sure you get the help you to you doctor.

  • Congratulations to you!  I am just a bit further along than you I think, and I am also going through the nausea and have a weird sinus thing - I go through a box of tissue a day!  I also used to do Zumba, and now I can't even fathom getting to the gym with this nausea.  Hang in there!

  • I am currently having the same problems give or take. Nausea, depression meds, bipolar meds, and ADHD meds. I basically take an entire pharmacy for breakfast every morning. It is a pain in the butt!!! Let me know if you need anyone to vent to! This helps me, but unfortunately, I have no one to vent to but my guy.