What do i have to bring befor i go to hospital?

  • My Husband and I are still deciding which things that we should bring during the labor day. Do you have any advice for me, what should i bring and what shouldnt?

    thank you

  • Some people say to bring movies or music, it may be a good idea for the several hours before you get to active labor, but honestly I didn't bring either and was not bored by any means.  And when active labor began I know that I didn't or couldn't focus on anything else except for my husband and the nurse counting the breathing techniques. 

    Don't forget your favorite shower soap and shampo, it will make you feel like a million bucks afterwards!  Also lotion is a great thing to bring as well, I got pretty dry skin afterwards.  Also, bring chapstick!!!  My lips were never so dry after all that breathing! 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Hi, I would suggest several extra pillows. I ended up having to have a Cesarean and the pillows were much appreciated. I also brought the Boppy pillow with us as I was going to be breastfeeding. It helped a lot. Extra cash put aside for snacks for Daddy-to-be is good. Don't forget the camera and extra batteries!     : )   Hope this helps. If I think of anything else, I will try to post later. Good luck!

  • Dont forget the camara to take pics of the baby!!  lol

  • Bring nightgowns ,toiletries , and your camera and computer I was constantly in the NICU unit with my twins so everything I brought didnt really matter I spent my 2 days with them B4 I had to go home
  • chapstick would definitely be a good idea. I had very dry lips after giving birth. Other than that and comfortable clothes to go home in, the hospital pretty much provides everything you need, and I found that the less stuff you have to keep track of the better. You will have much more important things to worry about soon. My son had a somewhat quick, but very normal birth, and the only thing I found myself wishing I had was a parenting book or something to read afterwards. Moms are normally in the hospital 1 or 2 days after giving birth and as tired as I was, I could not sleep the whole time. I'd find myself awake at night just fidgeting wondering when they were bringing my baby back from the nursery.