What is the earliest can doctor tell what the baby is?

  • My sister told me she was about 15 or 16 weeks when they told her she was having a girl.  My next ultra sound I"ll be 15 weeks.  I don't know if that's too early or what.. 

  • As far as I know it was 20 weeks B4 the DR can tell the sex of the baby 

  • I found out we were having a girl when I was just 15 weeks...good luck!!!

  • I was 16 weeks with my first- it was a boy and 12 weeks with my second.  He too was a boy.  One of my friends is 10 weeks and they are pretty sure it is a boy.  If it is a boy and he is cooperating, I think you are able to tell very early.  Girls seem to be a different story.

  • i will be 3 months on my next visit and they said they might be able to tell me then wat i am having,i hope so...it's my first so i am really excited to find out...

  • Big SmileThanks.  I'm excited. 

  • i am 21 weeks and i still haven't found out what the sex of my baby is..... we went to fine out and the baby turned so we couldn't fine out what the sex of the baby...... Surprise