Rough pregnancy.

  • Ok. I’m 18, was working at a restaurant, and going to college. I found out I was pregnant and my boyfriend and I were so happy.  Now, 17 weeks, and I have been off of work for a month, had to drop my classes, and already had to stay the night at the hospital. I thought it was the flu when I first started throwing up everything that I took in, including water and poweraid, having horrible back pains and cramping all the time.  I talked to my doctors and the suggested the hospital immediately, so I went and got on fluids and some medicine to help the throwing up.  A month later and I am still throwing up most things I eat, migraines every other day, exhausted feeling from just a little cleaning, and I am dizzy all the time.  Please tell me there is someone out there that will tell me they’ve been there too so I don’t feel so lonely.

  • I am so sorry you have been having such a hard time. I had a few rough moments during my pregnancies as well....I was hospitalized twice with kidney stones on 2 of my pregnancies! Even though you feel so me when I tell you that it is all unbelievably WORTH IT!!!!! When you look at your precious baby for the first time, you will forget all about this miserable 9 months!!

  • I am on our second child now, I'm about 22 weeks along. My first pregnancy was great i was easy i had little morning sickness and no other issues. With this has been horrid, I had horrible morning sickness to the point where there where time i couldn't eat at all for days at a time. I've had back pain since shortly after my 2nd month, I still have issues with morning sickness thou it's not as bad and doesn't last long after actaully getting sick, i have been in the hospital twice because i have a swollen kindey....we just had out first sono about a week ago...and it just helped me to know that when this is all over it will have all been worth it...Lots of women have issues some are just worse then others but no matter what oncce your holding the precious child you forget about all the hard stuff that happened over the past nine months...Good luck and take care of yourself